Unified in Passion. United in Purpose.

Like it or not, we all crave companionship. We work daily to build solid relationships that enhance our lives and the lives of those around us.

It’s those relationships that fuel our passion and dictate our choices.

That’s why there is nothing quite as powerful as a community of like-minded individuals.

USANA Northwest UnitedA community, working together and completely unified, can accomplish amazing things. And when you think of what it really means to be united, it’s easy to see that there are countless people spread throughout the USANA family who perfectly demonstrate that spirit of love, support, and togetherness.

Executive 1-Star Diamond Directors, Tom and Lorie Mulhern, Execuitve 4-Star Diamond Directors, Peter and Bibiana Pau and Gold Directors, Dyann Lyon and Wild Bill Jones are the perfect examples of how much you can do with the power of teamwork.

“We’ve created a cross-line leadership group called USANA Northwest and it spans across 100 miles,” Tom and Lorie say. “We work together to plan events that encourage Associates and their guests to get together to learn from other people in their region.”

Rather than focusing on each of their individual teams, they see extreme value in connecting with others’ teams to expand their influence to an entire community.

Not only does this method help them share the load of putting on events, but it also creates an environment that everyone in their area can benefit from.

“Events are a great way to feel like part of a team,” Peter says. “As you gather together, you can learn so much from one another. We all learn in different ways, and when your team only hears from you, it’s hard to come up with fresh ideas. The point of these events is to hear from others so you can gain different perspectives and see your business in a different light.”

For Tom and Lorie, there is great value in these events because they provide the perfect platform for members of their team to become more confident in their speaking skills—a crucial part of being leader.

USANA Northwest United“We are able to help our team get up on a stage speaking and inspiring others,” Tom and Lorie say. “As others watch, they begin to believe they can too! We have English speakers, Chinese speakers, and Spanish speakers gathered together in one room. It’s a wonderful blend and there is great strength in this group.”

But the benefits of being united don’t apply solely to business. This effort to enhance their community offers a great time to just have fun and build lasting bonds. “The reason we are all a part of USANA is because we want to live the #USANAlifestyle, and part of that is having fun,” Peter says. “We also plan casual activities that just give us the opportunity to get together and have a blast. It helps create a community of support and friendship, and that’s how you really become united!”

As the USANA Northwest community grows, more and more leaders are emerging and taking part of the coordinating effort. With a passion for community and a dedication to USANA, their united spirit shines brighter than ever.

How are you and your team showcasing your #USANAUnited spirit? Don’t forget to send in your photos and show off what #USANAUnited means to you!

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