Celebrating Your Story: USANA Associate Makes Running a Daily Journey

Day 804 LA Marathon

Day 804: LA Marathon

USANA Silver Director Joyce Lee lives every single day with purpose, and her life’s journeys have taken her all over the globe. As she travels, she has only two necessities: her bright personality and her running shoes.

That’s because, each day, no matter where she is in the world, Joyce runs.

And she’s been at it for quite some time—more than 800 days in a row!

But she had little idea what she was getting herself into when she started more than two years ago.

“I don’t know what compelled me to choose running, but I decided I wanted to do something every single day for a full year,” Joyce says. “On January 1, 2013, I started running.”

Running Around the World                      

From one-mile runs to marathons, Joyce has been running for more than 834* consecutive days. The distances vary, but every day is a new adventure with this unique challenge.

Her first year wasn’t always easy. “I traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Canada, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Hawaii, Texas, Washington DC, Kansas, and Utah for work, races, pleasure, and USANA,” she says. “Everywhere I went, I ran.”

Day 628 Sydney Marathon

Day 628: Sydney Marathon

As Joyce ran through her first year, she learned a lot about herself.

“I learned that I was great at coming up with up with excuses,” Joyce laughs. “But I learned I was even better at ignoring those excuses and pushing through.”

Each Run Brings Purpose

Every day, Joyce documents her run, and she is grateful she can look back and remember each day.

One of the highlights of her first year was her own birthday—day 67 of her journey. Having flown from Japan to her home in California to a team event in Texas, Joyce found herself exhausted but determined to finish her day’s run.

“The hotel gym was closed, it was pouring rain outside, and I was extremely tired,” she recalls. “I realized the only way to complete my run that day was to come up with a solution, and I did,” she laughs.

After tying up her running shoes close to midnight, Joyce ran loops inside the halls of her hotel for a total of two miles.

Joyce’s one-year anniversary of her running start date also provided her with an incredible memory. To celebrate, Joyce held a “fun run” with the proceeds going to USANA’s True Health Foundation. More than 30 individuals actively participated in the run while another 70 from around the globe donated to her cause. The event raised more than $1,600, and Joyce was ecstatic.

Day 365 AAs the anniversary date expired, however, Joyce was faced with a challenge: where to go from here.

“While my original intention was to run 365 days consecutively, I couldn’t bear to stop experiencing something like that,” Joyce says.

With that determination in mind, Joyce continued to run, and she has yet to stop.

Exemplifying the #USANAlifestyle

Joyce is grateful for the opportunity she has to challenge herself, and she has many goals still left to accomplish, one of those being Ironman Arizona in November.

“The mere thought of competing makes my heart race and palms sweat,” she says. “It is definitely going to be my biggest challenge, but I am so excited!”

As Joyce laces up her shoes each day, she is overcome with gratitude for the amazing support she has from her friends and family, and for USANA helping her achieve her goals.

“To me, USANA means doing what I love and sharing this healthy lifestyle with others. It means to dream big, dig deep, and break through the impossible,” she says. “This isn’t just a company—it’s a family, and it’s a way of living.”

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