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Celebrating Your Story: Lifting the Limits

At the age of 68, Dan Swift is doing more than some people half his age. “Wednesday is my lightest day of training and Sunday is when I hit it the hardest,” he explains. A competitive powerlifter since the age of 35, Dan Swift is still competing in a sport that motivates him to push […]

This Athlete Couldn’t ‘Weight’ to Get His Hands on USANA

As a competitive weightlifter, John Sammarco knows the importance of health—training up to six times a week for nearly three hours a day. John understands in order to be at the top of his sport he needs to take the best nutritionals. So, when Zach Quayle––a good friend and USANA Associate––introduced John to USANA’s stellar […]

USANA Associate Turns Spartan Race Obstacles into Victories

Living the #USANAlifestyle means a number of things for different people. For some, it’s the ability to travel the world and experience new cultures. And for others, it’s the chance to be their own boss. For USANA Associate Susanna Burger, it’s having the energy and time to do what she enjoys most with those she […]

USANA Associate Turns Compassion into a Daily Mission

USANA Director, Inez Russell wakes up each morning with a specific purpose and goal in mind: make a difference in someone’s life. It is a purpose many carry within their own heart, but Inez’s reason for doing so stems from a very specific incident while visiting her father in a hospital nearly 25 years ago. […]

USANA Associate Spends Decades Defending Freedom

Luis Rivera is a humble warrior. Today, the USANA Silver Director spends his time alongside his wife, Cristina, sharing the USANA vision with others, but the last two decades were much different for the couple. “I spent more than 24 years as a member of the United States Navy,” he says. “The first ten years […]