Celebrating Your Story: Lifting the Limits

Dan Swift Featured

Dan Swift13At the age of 68, Dan Swift is doing more than some people half his age. “Wednesday is my lightest day of training and Sunday is when I hit it the hardest,” he explains. A competitive powerlifter since the age of 35, Dan Swift is still competing in a sport that motivates him to push his limits.

Powerful Sport. Powerful Nutrition.

The sport of powerlifting involves three attempts at max weight on three types of lifts—squat, bench, and deadlift. Your final score is a combination of the highest weight on each lift. While Dan competes solely at bench press, it is because of his determination that he has found success.

As a 12-time world record holder, Dan is also meticulous about his nutrition, and that’s why he trusts USANA and is a proud Preferred Customer. “As a competitor and someone who is mindful of my health, I do everything I can to eat clean, and that is why I chose USANA,” he explains. “USANA’s products help me stay balanced.”*

Dan Swift11Trusted By Athletes

Beyond the products, Dan trusts USANA because of their commitment to athletes. “There are a lot of supplement companies out there, and everyone claims to be the best,” he says. “But there aren’t many companies that have USANA’s history. More than Dan Swift1,000 athletes trust their health to USANA, and that shows me this is the best on the marketplace.”

Competing With Himself

As Dan continues to focus on his sport, he won’t just be focused on competing with others. Although winning is the end goal, Dan’s true goals are to challenge himself. “I love the sport. It’s challenging and it pushes me to be my best, and I enjoy competing with myself,” he says. “My goal is to better myself, and I find I can do that with powerlifting.”

“My desire is to always better myself.”

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