Ask USANA’s CEO: What Makes a Successful USANA Associate?

Written by on October 25, 2012 in Dave Wentz, News From Management with 12 Comments

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Question: What traits of highly successful people would you love to see developed and demonstrated by USANA Associates? —Elaine MacDonald & Emmanuel Alatorre

Answer: That’s a tough question! There are so many traits that make people successful, and certain traits work for some and not for others. But I’ve come up with a list of five traits that I think work best for USANA Associates. Excelling at these will make Associates as successful as they can be.

1. Challenge Yourself — So many people are content to stay in the status quo, even when building a business. If the rulebook says make three calls a day, they make three calls a day. But challenging yourself forces you to grow your comfort zone. And the larger your comfort zone is, the more your sphere of accomplishment grows. Challenge yourself to approach one more person. Challenge yourself to make one more follow-up call. Challenge yourself to expand your warm market. The more you challenge yourself, the greater your results will be.

2. Reassess Failure — Most people see failure as a setback. But the things you’ve tried that don’t work can still benefit you and your business. Failed attempts at success are simply tools that allow you to fine-tune your business approach. Learn and grow from your mistakes. They teach you new ways to build your business and give you insight into what not to do again.

3. Never Give Up — This is one of the most powerful traits of highly successful people. Never giving up means that you remain focused on what it is you want to achieve. No matter what challenges you face along the way, you always need to move forward. Whatever your dream is, don’t give up. You may have to tweak it, learn new ways to achieve it, and sometimes start over, but NEVER give up.

4. Create an Environment of Success — Highly successful people cannot be successful alone; they foster an environment to make those around them successful as well. This is especially important in our industry. A truly successful leader creates other successful leaders around them. I always recommend to people that rather than focus on your own rank advancement, focus on helping people on your team advance and your advancement will happen naturally.

5. Find Your Passion — Successful people have passion. Many people go through life just doing what they have to do to survive. To really succeed in USANA, you have to have a passion for the products, the lifestyle, and the business. This passion will give you something to live for, a reason to get up in the morning, and a true way to spread the vision of USANA.

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Dave Wentz

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About the Author: As USANA’s CEO, Dave Wentz directs and maintains the vision and integrity of USANA as it continues to grow. He manages the company’s executive team, works closely with the board of directors, and oversees the corporate governance required of a publicly traded company. .


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12 Reader Comments

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  1. Peng Teo says:

    Thank you Dave. Much needed advice from a CEO!

  2. Elaine MacDonald says:

    thank you! I can develop those traits (got some and will develop the others.)

  3. Janice Moranz says:

    Your answers remind me of John Maxwell’s teachings.
    I also love the “helping your team rank advance.”
    I have someone in mind.

  4. We are inspired by your advice Sir Dave. I am a Pediatrician and at times I am in my comfort zone. I have 4 boys filling up my days.Sometimes life has to knock me out and I made mistakes so I can stand up and learn from it.
    I have a question Sir I hope you find time to answer.

  5. Teresa Marie Meadows says:

    Thanks Dave for encouraging the Associates everywhere in Usana. You along with many others have truly inspired us to be a part of Usana and the vision of Dr. Wentz. We our building a future for ourselves and with the ones we love with Usana. Setting an example for our teams to see and work towards what they want in their lives. Believing the vision to transform people’s lives has to be the motive in our daily actions of growing our organization. The growing part of our organization really happens when we allow ourselves to grow beyond our own boundaries. Then we become truly free to see all the possibilities. We take flight!

    What are some of the obstacles you have overcome to stay so focused on the growth and integrity as our CEO. We are so proud to have you as one of our many leaders.

  6. Sonja Kabell says:

    I have lived by #3 – NEVER GIVE UP! Thanks, Dave!

  7. Bruno Saint-Hilaire says:

    Hi Dave and thank you for your input on the traits of a great Usana associate.

    My question: As a CEO, father, husband, etc. how do you manage to stay focussed on what is important to do to reach your goals and not be distracted by everything else?

    Thank you very much for all you do to help us live a healthier & wealthier life.

    Much admiration, Bruno.

  8. Pearl Blanche Bergado-Balagtas says:

    Nice…Thanks a bunch for helps a lot

  9. constancio p. molitas says:

    thank you so much, no comments, my query is, there are many people here in our town want to use the product but even a single centavo they can not produce, how can i help them to use the product and join USANA business?

  10. Sheila Lopez says:

    No wonder Usana is number one! We have a very good and inspiring leader in Mr. Dave Wentz. I admire people who selflessly share their thoughts and honest opinion on what makes a good and successful business associate here in Usana. I think we got a great team to work with and a great leader we all can look up to. Thanks and more power! I know we will all do great by sharing & helping each other succeed!

  11. Ahmad Awang says:

    Thank you Dave, for inspiring me. Your words really open up my weaknesses.

  12. Nanette says:

    Thank you for being positive towards our goal

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