Insider’s Insight: The Impact of USANA Convention…One Month After

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Each year the USANA International Convention dazzles and inspires thousands of people. You definitely won't want to see what we have in store for the 20th anniversary event!As some of you might know, I created a USANA-fied Facebook profile for myself (Friend me!).

This is for a very important reason: I knew it would become an awesome way for me to stay connected and reach out to our loving USANA family members.

How else do you think I’d write these Insider’s Insight posts?

Sometimes, you have to turn to USANA Associates—the experts out there spreading Dr. Wentz’s glorious vision—when you need some helpful insight.

This time around, I decided to ask a Convention-related question.

It’s been about one month since the mind-blowing event, and I wanted to see how it’s impacted our Associates and their businesses. Take a look at my original post below, and then read through the helpful takeaways our Associates put into practice upon returning home.

What was your most helpful Convention takeaway?

Convention TakeawaysInsight from the Insiders

1. Stop keeping yourself from reaching your goals and dreams.

Insider's Insight Ashleigh2. Practice, practice, practice.

Insider's Insight Beth3. Don’t miss #USANA16!

Insider's Insight Chris4. Passion is great, but know your numbers.

5. Know your “what” and your “why,” and the “how” will come.

Insider's Insight Jennifer6. Help others solve problems.

As always, don’t forget to share your own USANA Convention memories in the comments section. You know how much we love hearing from our dedicated readers. [insert smiley, blushing emoji]

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