Insider’s Insight: If I Knew Then What I Know Now

How often have you said to yourself, “I wish I would have known _____ when I was _____ .”?

Insider's InsightPeople are always willing to give advice (unsolicited or otherwise). That doesn’t mean we always listen. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could stop saying, “if only I’d known…”?

If you’re just starting a new endeavor, whether it’s personal or professional, try taking the advice of others who have made their way past some of the hard parts and are further along on their journey than you are. And here’s a crazy thought! What if we also took advice from people who are not as far along? Everyone has a different perspective and new ideas.

That’s not to say that you have to copy or imitate the leaders, but be willing to take some shortcuts and adopt the habits that work for you.

In order to create a community where we can learn from each other, I’ll hit up my UwannaUSANA Facebook friends every couple of months asking for some advice, and hopefully you’ll be able to take it and use it to better your #USANAlifestyle.

Here we go!Facebook Post

Insight From the Insiders

Looking back, what do you wish you would’ve known when you first started your business?

  • Focus on Your Successes

Lisa Whittall“I wish I had known that I couldn’t help everyone. I can only help those who want to help themselves. You have to place your focus on those people and understand that their achievements and failures are their own—it’s not all on your shoulders. You can, and should, be a mentor for others, but they need to take responsibility for their individual goals. Without that accountability, they will have unrealistic expectations and quit when challenges present themselves.” – Lisa Whittall, Gold Director

  • Ashleigh TraversNever Give Up

“I wish I had known to just keep approaching people instead of basing my hopes on the few I thought would do it. If I knew to keep myself open to all possibilities, then I probably would not have lost hope and momentum so quickly. It took almost a year to get myself in gear again!” – Ashleigh Travers, Believer

  • Ryan TreiberOpportunity is Everywhere

“New entrepreneurs need to tell everyone about what they do—never let an opportunity pass when you could have at least mentioned your business. You never know who is listening or watching. Opportunity is everywhere. I had no idea in the beginning.” – Ryan William Treiber, Builder

  • Consistency is Key

Jeremy Zarghami“I wish I would have known how important consistency is in building an effective business. I hit Platinum Pacesetter really fast and built a big team pretty quickly. I thought I could relax after that, but it was actually when I needed to push the hardest. I thought my business would start growing naturally, but my teammates needed me to lead by example. So when I took a step back, my team did as well. My first big team fell apart in front of my eyes, and I had to start over from scratch. It was my biggest mistake, but I learned the most important lesson from it: staying consistent is key!” – Jeremy Zarghami, Silver Director

  • Paul RohatenskyConcentrate on Personal Development

“When I was finally willing to cast aside my ego and pride, I finally began to grow through personal development. It lifted the lid on my capacity to serve others and help them reach their physical and financial goals with USANA.” – Paul Rohatensky, Silver Director

The Insider’s Insight series on What’s Up, USANA? will feature advice and takeaways from members of the community on subjects varying from health and wellness to personal and professional development. If you would like to join the conversation, follow UwannaUSANA on Facebook.

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