Water Cooler Wellness: 5 Simple Spring Cleaning Hacks

Spring Cleaning Hacks

Spring Cleaning HacksAh, the spring time. Where the trees and flowers begin to look lively and full again, and the gentle kiss of the sun reminds you what it feels like to be warm and fuzzy inside.

Needless to say, I enjoy the spring.

This spring, I look forward to turning my winter dad-bod into a summer rad-bod—but that’s not why we are here.

Spring time is not only reserved for bikini season prep but also for getting some serious cleaning done. I mean, they don’t call it “spring cleaning” for nothing.

As my dear friend Emeril Lagasse would say, “Let’s kick it up a notch!” In this case, we are kicking up your spring cleaning with five helpful hacks to make your life much easier.

#1 Sanitize Me, Baby

Spring Cleaning HacksYour amazing, can-do-everything sponge has a dark secret: deep within your used sponge is a universe of millions of microbes and bacteria, including some pretty nasty bacteria detrimental to your health.

Because sponges can last for quite some time, sanitizing your sponge every now and then is a very good idea. One trick is to put a damp sponge in the microwave for two minutes to cook off any of the vile creatures living in the pores. Make sure the sponge is damp to prevent any unnecessary microwave fires.

Who knew Spongebob Squarepants was such a filthy creature?

#2 Not Only for Your Dryer

Spring Cleaning HacksIf you are looking for a new way to clean the scum off of your glass doors and windows, look no further than your box of dryer sheets.

Sure, dryer sheets smell amazing and help freshen your clothes in the dryer, but a used one—dampened with a few drops of water—can help remove the scum off of glass windows and doors, keeping them clean and clear.

Just make sure you don’t walk through the glass door because it’s so crystal clear!

#3 Hair of the Beast

Spring Cleaning HacksIf you’re like me and have a couple of fur ball animals running around, sometimes the shedding can get overwhelming.

If you are having trouble picking up all the hair, use a squeegee or put on some damp rubber gloves to pile and scoop the balls of fur.

Unfortunately, there is no life hack to keeping your pet from shedding permanently. Sigh…

#4 Dispose of the Smell

Spring Cleaning HacksWe put or garbage disposal through the ringer. All the constant food grinding can wear down the blades and create an unsavory odor.

A trick to keeping your disposal blades sharp and fresh is to combine the sharpening power of ice cubes with the cleaning force of lemon and vinegar.

To do this, take an ice tray and fill it up with eight parts water and one part vinegar. Then add a little slice of lemon rind to each slot to ensure a fresh scent. Once the cubes are frozen completely, drop them down the disposal with the water running and let er rip!

#5 Shower Time

Spring Cleaning HacksNext time you are taking a shower, look up at your shower head. Is it filthy and grimy? Do all the holes spray water properly? If this sounds like your life, then I have a solution for you.

To clean your shower head, pour distilled white vinegar in a plastic baggy and secure it to the shower head with a rubber band, letting it soak for one hour. Once the hour is up, wipe the shower head clean with a damp rag and BOOM: clean and functioning shower head.

You can also dab the rag into the bag of vinegar and shine up the fixtures.

Now you can take a clean, beautiful shower like the angel you are.

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