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It’s Ab-oat Time: 10 Oatmeal Recipes

The humble oat — or Avena sativa — if you’re fancy. This little grain, when milled, steel-cut, or rolled becomes one of the most versatile foods on this big, floating rock we live on. You can make cookies, beer, crisps, granola bars, and so many other delicious culinary treats with the hunger-slaying oatmeal. But of […]


Top 4 Budgeting Apps

Cash rules everything around you. Sometimes even the most frugal of financiers need some help keeping track of their spending and bills. I know I could definitely use some help from time to time. I would be lying if I said I haven’t at least thought about buying a new pair of Jordan’s or Adidas […]

USANA 2017 Awards Roundup

We are now halfway through the 2017 calendar year and USANA has started the year off strong with more than 50 awards won and counting! As we know from the awards update in 2016—USANA is the best company in the world and has all the accolades to back that up. From the beginning of January […]

It’s Raining Men’s Health Tips, Hallelujah

  June is Men’s Health Month.  And sometimes us manly-men, guy’s guys have trouble acknowledging our health issues or that our bodies need different care as we get older. And unfortunately, rubbing some dirt on it or a stiff drink can’t solve all our ailments. That’s why it’s so important to recognize men’s health and […]