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4 Food Subscription Boxes to Try Now

Food Subscription Boxes: The New Grocery Store Times sure are a changin’. Gone are the days of going to the market with your loved ones— pushing around a dirty metal cart, fighting off Granny for the last tomato, waiting in a line ten people deep to pay for your groceries, and stuffing your trunk with plastic […]

Water Cooler Wellness: Health Food Trends

Healthy Foods En Vogue It seems like every year there’s a new health food craze sweeping the nation and our local Whole Foods stores. First there was soy, then kale, quinoa, acai, and a whole host of other exotic or unknown plants and seeds. All of these trends claimed to be the next big thing […]



The most dreaded and feared time of year is slowly creeping up on all the children out there. That’s right—it’s almost back to school time. The horror! Once the back to school commercials start popping up and your local grocery store has back to school specials—you know your summer of fun is about to end. […]

4 Fitness Apps to Keep You Motivated

Getting fit is the ultimate goal for most of us out there and getting any sort of help can make a huge difference. That is why we are so lucky to live in the age of smartphones—where all the fitness help you need is just a tap away. There are hundreds of fitness apps out […]

Buggin Out: How to Avoid and Treat Bug Bites

It’s officially summertime for us in the Northern Hemisphere—and it’s starting to feel like living in a convection oven over here at the USANA headquarters. While the warm weather and sunshine provides many opportunities for outdoor fun time, it also provides many opportunities for run-ins with some nasty, mean, annoying bugs. With so much of the […]

USANA Awards: All We Do is Win

We are now just about halfway through the 2016 calendar year and USANA continues to rake in the awards. USANA is Steph Curry from 3. Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi on the pitch. Usain Bolt on the track. Michael Phelps in the pool. What I’m trying to say is—USANA is the best—and everyone knows it. From […]