Fact or Fiction: All Work Events Are Boring

USANA15 LineFiction.

Sorry, I had to get straight to the point with this one—no need for a dramatic build up when the answer is pretty obvious.

It was just days ago that thousands of USANA family members swarmed to Salt Lake City for what I like to think of as the ultimate USANA family reunion.

And by “reunion,” I mean Convention.

And by “Convention,” I mean party!

My point: attending USANA events kicks a…uhhh…let’s just say you’ll definitely enjoy yourself.

Let me explain.

Reunited and it Feels so Good

Here’s the thing about this “USANA family” business—we take it pretty seriously.

USANA15 The direct selling industry is unique in the fact that your success is dependent upon the quality of your relationships. And this means our Associates form bonds stronger than The Hulk himself.

That’s why our events often turn into giant family reunions. Seriously!

Last week, I saw hundreds of familiar faces and was greeted with beaming smiles and welcoming hugs.

I even ended up hanging out with Associates outside of the event. It’s weird how this friendship stuff works.

Entertainment for Days

Sure, most of the event happenings are meant to benefit your business, but we’re all about having fun as well.2015 Convention Wednesday

For example, I was in charge of hosting this year’s store stage at Convention, which quickly turned into party central.

If you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, let me enlighten you: the Convention store has a small stage located near the Rev3 area.

Throughout Convention, the stage is host to goofy quiz shows, USANA-ified bingo tournaments, charades games and—most importantly—lip-sync battles. (AKA: I made an idiot out of myself, and I wouldn’t change one thing.)

This is only one example of how much entertainment can be found at USANA events. Depending on the size of an event or the country it’s located in, you never know what excitement you’ll run in to.

Get Educated

Between new product launches, informative workshops and on-stage Q&As with Dr. Oz himself, you’re guaranteed to leave a USANA event with the latest and greatest info on health and wellness.

2015 Convention Wednesday And last time we checked, your health is kind of a big deal. So why not turn to the pros—the USANA experts—when you need to get up to speed on how you can promote the healthiest lifestyle possible?

Oh, and a lot of this involves keeping you informed on the many benefits of our award-winning products.

Better your Business

Last—but definitely not least—let’s talk about how these events can impact your business. (If you’re reading this as a USANA Preferred Customer, I challenge you to give the idea of starting your own business some serious thought.)

We already talked about the relationship building, the education and the overall excitement of these events.

Wouldn’t you know all of these benefits play an integral part in building a successful USANA business?

Fully immersing yourself in the event can give you that extra push, and the knowledge gained from the experts in your field will remind you why you’re doing this in the first place.

Just remember: you chose USANA for a reason, and these events are friendly reminders intended to help refresh your determination.

Attending them is one of the simplest strategies to get you going. Hey, I know what I’m talking about—I just saw it in the faces of thousands of USANA family members at #USANA15.USANA Convention 2015

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