Meet the New USANA. It’s All About You.

Wow. It’s been a great 20 years, hasn’t it? We did some amazing things. We climbed to the top of the nutritional supplement industry. Those 20 years made us the very best. But sitting around talking about ourselves isn’t the way to stay on top.

Staying on top means getting better. Way better. But how do you get better if you’re already the best? Simple. Focus on your strength. We do a lot of things very well, but what is our real strength? Isn’t it obvious?


All of you. Every single member of the USANA family. Each of you, with your different abilities, backgrounds, needs, quirks, methods, motivations, and dreams. It’s that collection of individual fingerprints that makes us so great at what we do—touching the lives of millions and millions of people.

Since the future — the next 20 years and beyond — is a blank slate, why not use those individual fingerprints to fill it with a bold, new vision? Because it’s all about you.


That’s our future, because our future is you. We’re not going to settle for the one-size-fits-all solution. We’re looking for what’s best for you. We’re not looking at women ages 25–40 or men over 50. Each person is their own demographic.

We’re personalizing our approach to everything. Personalized nutrition. A personalized approach to business. Personalized customer care. That’s why our CEO Dave Wentz, at the 2012 International Convention, introduced a new brand promise, focused on you. We promise everything we do will help you love life and live it — and that will help you help others do the same.

It makes sense. All of you take different products and approach your businesses in different ways. You have different wants and needs. Why not celebrate those differences, and the unique chance you have with USANA to make your life whatever you want it to be?

That’s our new tagline. Coincidence? Not at all. It’s exactly what we do, and that’s what’s going to keep us on top for the next 20 years. Focusing on you and giving you the individual attention and personal touch you want.

A new attitude and new era deserves a new look. And we’ve kind of outdone ourselves on that front. A fresh, modern logo that’s all about you — all those unique figures coming together in the name of health and freedom. New, high-end product packaging that represents the quality inside. The kind of thing you can’t wait to show people. That’s part of it — giving you the tools and personalized support you need to create your dreams.

All these things aren’t just to make us look better. We’re not trying to be young or hip. We’re not refreshing everything because 20 is a nice round number.

We’re readying ourselves. Preparing for more meaningful, more personal, more relevant conversations. For achievement and advancement. For the heights we know we can reach. For helping you live your life and love it.

We’ve been very good for a long time. The best, even. But now, we’re going to be the very best for you and your customers and prospects. Every decision we make will center on you. The answer to the question, “Will this improve your lives?” has to be yes.

So from here on out, it’s our science, our quality, our results, and our energy—focused on helping you love life and live it. Making “Your health. Your life. Your way.” a reality.

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7 replies
  1. Kimberley Rowe
    Kimberley Rowe says:

    I’ve been pinching myself for 6 years since I connected with USANA. I’m more excited than ever to carry this vision forward. Proud to represent such an incredible, forward moving and thinking company. Thank you USANA for changing my life!

  2. Liz Fruits
    Liz Fruits says:

    So wish I was there at convention, looks fabulous. New exciting look and a company that just won’t stop getting better! Thank you Usana!

  3. Christopher Sanchez
    Christopher Sanchez says:

    The word “unbelievable” does not even describe what this means for existing and new distributors. Truly – Your Health, Your Life, Your Way. I feel that I have corporate with me every step I take building my USANA business.

  4. Bonnie Pollock
    Bonnie Pollock says:

    Almost 17 years ago I thought USANA was the best in the industry! Raising the bar? You bet they are and will continue to be a light for others to follow. At 72 years I am so grateful for my health and I know USANA get’s most of the credit.

  5. Carol Kimball
    Carol Kimball says:

    The part I appreciate the most is the dependable scientific approach. I can count on what I share with others. Testimonials are fine, but the knowledge I have recieved through my participation in USANA is invaluable and my children depend on what I have learned in helping their own families.


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