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The Hub Personal WebsiteMost of us can remember a time when any normal person’s sphere of influence was confined to their immediate family, close circle of friends, coworkers, and those they could reach by telephone or a stamped letter. We never gave a moment’s though to this thing called “Internet Presence.” It really wasn’t that long ago.

Obviously, that’s not the world that we live in now.

Now, we are constantly getting Facebook updates from people we went to high school with – people we’d never stay in touch with otherwise. We get sucked into the “Youtube Vortex.” We connect on LinkedIn, follow on Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr, like on Facebook and subscribe on Youtube. And that’s not even all of them!

There are so many platforms to get your name (and business) out there and more are being added every day.

It can be overwhelming and it’s tempting to give up and go back to “when things were simple.” The problem with that is people (a.k.a. customers!) expect you to be online. They expect a website, a Facebook page, a Linked profile and a Twitter feed at minimum. Oh, and they better be pretty!

If you’re still not convinced, think about this: more than 40% of the world’s 7 billion human inhabitants access the internet regularly using email, conducting business transactions, learning new things, and communicating through social media. When looking only at markets where USANA conducts business, that number jumps to 58%, or almost 1.4 billion (with a B!) people.

Social media is its own beast, but it seems a little more manageable. We can learn those things.

But a website? Where do you even start?

E Business TransformationWell, we like you so we decided to help you out. This week we launched our most ambitious digital marketing tool ever: the Personal Website for all USANA associates.

A website can cost thousands of dollars and countless hours to design, build, and maintain. And we are doing it all for you.

Here are a few things you should know:

  1. You can find your website by using your ID (example
  2. Your personal website is customizable! You can enter your site in edit mode by clicking login and following the prompts. Once you land in the back office, click on the link to The Hub (your new back office). Once you’re in The Hub, go to My Office in the left navigation, and click on MY WEBSITE. You will now be in the edit mode and can upload new photos and change text.
  3. When adding content to your website, remember that simpler is better. Try to use as few words as possible. You want your visitors to find what they are looking for, understand your message, and act on it (leave their contact information, make a purchase, or enroll with you).
  4. The new websites link to your social media sites. Edit the social media buttons on the home page, and promote your personal web page on your social media sites. Make it easy for people to find you!
  5. You have a smart phone or tablet – yeah, so does everyone else. These websites are mobile! This means they adapt to whatever screen you’re using. It looks great and is easy to use on any device.

Check out this tutorial video on customizing your website:

If you are unable to view the above video, check out our YouTube channel.
*The video does not have audio.


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