Social media is one of the greatest game changers in recent history. Social media is a powerful tool. Using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can establish a unique rapport with your customers and maintain existing relationships. You’re simply sharing your life and showcasing how USANA fits into your healthy lifestyle.

Get started building your social media brand with our new social media handbook, Foundations of Social Media. It’s your easy-to-read primer on connecting with people, engaging them with your insights, and building a trusted relationship. You’ll learn the difference between the various social media platforms and discover how to effectively communicate with customers.

The Foundation of Social Selling is also filled with strategies to create your social media brand. From posting photos on Instagram or tweeting about your day, you’ll have the tools to successfully connect with your customers. In no time, you’ll know how to share on Pinterest, post on Facebook, and how all of your social media platforms fit together.

At USANA, our goal is to help you achieve success through all levels of communication. That’s why we’ve provided getting started tutorials for these popular sites. Click the links below for our “Getting Started” how to’s.

Foundations of Social Media

Finding Connections With Facebook
Talk the Talk with Twitter
The Ins and Outs of Instagram
Pinning Down Pinterest

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