Getting Started With Social Media

Social media is one of the greatest game changers in recent history. The way we connect with others has vastly changed over the years. We can connect with people halfway around the world in a matter of seconds and learn the latest news in real time. But for some of us, these changes can be overwhelming. The vast amount of information available can be hard to filter through.

So how and where should you get started? It’s all about the network. Want to catch up with friends, share photos, links and videos in a casual way? Facebook might be the right choice for you. Maybe you like short bursts of information? Twitter’s 140-character limit could be what you’re looking for. If you love taking pictures with your phone, Instagram will likely become your favorite app. And if you love collecting ideas from favorite Internet sites, Pinterest will most likely pique your interest.

At USANA, our goal is to help you achieve success through all levels of communication. That’s why we’ve provided getting started tutorials for these popular sites. Click the links below for our “Getting Started” how to’s.

Finding Connections With Facebook
Talk the Talk with Twitter
The Ins and Outs of Instagram
Pinning Down Pinterest

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