Getting Personal: Behind the Scenes with MyHealthPak™

The room where USANA’s MyHealthPak™ is manufactured is a beehive of activity — people sorting and inspecting, machines whirling and spitting out packaged products. It’s a bit like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, only instead of catering to your sweet tooth, the focus is on your health and nutrition.

Garbed in hairnets, lab coats and gloves, technicians monitor equipment, scrutinize product and make sure everything runs smoothly. Even though you’ve never met them, these workers are paying meticulous attention to your health.

From beginning to end, everything about MyHealthPak is geared toward you. USANA’s unique website and packaging system allows you to design customized a.m. and p.m. nutritional supplement packs that are truly personal.

Designed by USANA’s scientific team, the Health Assessment and Advisor helps you identify your specific needs by analyzing biometrics, lifestyle and health priorities.

Based on your answers, Core, Advanced and Optimal recommendations are given. Or, you can select pre-determined profiles created by USANA that match your health and lifestyle. Both options can be further modified by dragging and dropping products into a.m. and p.m. packs.

And just in case you select too much of a good thing, The MyHealthPak Builder keeps track of nutrient levels to ensure you do not receive unsafe dosages. Once you’ve made your final selections, you can personalize your pack with your name or message of choice.

A proprietary packaging machine assembles every individual MyHealthPak. The server on this machine receives the order from the website and communicates with a high-speed packer that dispenses the appropriate tablets. And each of the 56 packs and the box they come in are labeled with your name and corresponding bar codes to ensure you receive what you ordered. The four-week supply also includes a fully compliant supplement facts label.

While MyHealthPak is not available everywhere, that doesn’t mean USANA’s leaders aren’t thinking about their worldwide family. In some of our markets, USANA has to register every combination of tablets — and there’s hundreds of thousands of them. Though there’s no specific timeline at this point, USANA is continuing to explore ways to get personalized packs into the various markets.

To show you just how much goes into MyHealthPak, we thought you might enjoy a quick tour of the MyHealthPak machine and packaging area. A big thanks to Bob Kupfer, Executive Director of Global Operations, for giving us this tour and all the technicians who let us interrupt their work.

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  1. Tim Haran
    Tim Haran says:

    Loved the behind-the-scenes look at how MyHealthPak gets made. Customized nutrition is so important…just another way USANA is Celebrating You! Thanks for the post, Jessica. And thanks for the excellent information, Bob!


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