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Lessons Learned on Dance Floor Translate to Real Life

Peter Dziak has more championship titles than most people can dream of, but it’s the three Irish Dance World Championships that he’s best known for. The teenager has been dancing for 11 years, and doesn’t have plans to stop anytime soon. “I am still dancing today because I have always loved to dance,” Peter tells […]

15 is the Magic Number for USANA Marathoner

Most people consider completing one marathon a huge accomplishment. After all, running 26.2 miles (about 42 kilometers) is not easy. So when you hear about someone going above and beyond one or a few races, you know there’s more to their story. On Dec. 22, Alec Liao will run his 15th marathon of 2013. That’s […]

#USANAlifestyle Images Leave Us Speechless

You amaze us, USANA. Each day, we visit Instagram looking for your #USANAlifestyle photos. And each day, you leave us speechless. The quality and creativity of your images sweep us us in your adventures all around the globe. More than 11,000 images now bear the #USANAlifestyle hashtag. And so we say, thank you, our USANA […]