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Bernando LaPallo’s USANA Legacy — 111 Years in the Making

In December, Bernando LaPallo Jr. joined USANA. We’re excited to welcome all new Associates into the USANA family, but Bernando is special for a number of reasons. Like so many before him, Bernando came to USANA because of his family — his daughter and granddaughter are also Associates. When they explained they could work together […]

Tell Your USANA Story With Instagram

What do cameras and telegrams have in common? It turns out more than you would think. Combine the two and you have Instagram, a mobile app that allows you to take, edit and share photos using your phone. Now back to those cameras and telegrams. When the creators of Instagram were kids, they loved how […]

Clarissa Pritchett: Being Healthy = Being Happy

Clarissa Pritchett’s passion for health is tied to one of her main goals in life — to be happy. “I know what it’s like not to be healthy, and I believe when people are healthy they are happier,” Clarissa says. Clarissa and her two younger sisters grew up in a single-parent home. They always lived […]

Look Where We’ve Spotted Rev3: Mountains, Movies and More

2013 is already revving up to be the best year we’ve seen on What’s Up, USANA? And with that we’re bringing you the best of Rev3 Energy® — fan photos that take USANA’s cleaner, smarter, stronger energy drink to the next level. Not only will your images be featured “Look Where We’ve Spotted Rev3,” but […]

Nick and Stacia Kelly Taking Health to the Next Level

She’s a writer, coach, PTA president, self-defense instructor. He’s a musician, teaches anti-bullying classes and is an Internet-safety ambassador. Together, they’re devoted parents and advocates for healthy living. USANA directors Nick and Stacia Kelly have been in the business of making people’s lives better for a long time now. It’s even how they met, which […]