Lessons Learned on Dance Floor Translate to Real Life

Peter Dziak USANA

Peter Dziak

Peter Dziak has more championship titles than most people can dream of, but it’s the three Irish Dance World Championships that he’s best known for.

The teenager has been dancing for 11 years, and doesn’t have plans to stop anytime soon.

“I am still dancing today because I have always loved to dance,” Peter tells What’s Up, USANA? “It’s also a nice accessory to have when you’re at parties. I have learned so many life lessons through Irish Dance such as responsibility, leadership and sacrifice. In addition, I love to be able to travel all over the world. Dancing has allowed me to go to Belgium, Ireland, Scotland, England, etc. I also like to show all the little boys in Irish Dance that it’s cool. I like to share my talents with everyone around me, especially the less fortunate ones.”

Being a dancer isn’t something 16-year-old boys usually admit to, but Peter isn’t shy about his skills.

“When people find out that I am an Irish Dancer, they are either amazed or think it’s weird,” he explains. “But when they see me dance it’s different. They all think it’s cool when they can see me hit the floor.”

“I am very proud of Peter and his dance accomplishments,” says Peter’s dad, Dick Dziak. “(Peter) works hard and loves to dance and especially bringing joy to others through the Irish dance art form. Competition really seems to drive him though and always takes him to the next level.”

Peter DziakLooking to the Future

With three championships under his belt, Peter could sit back and rest on his laurels. But as you might imagine, this high-achieving young man has big goals for the future, and they go beyond the dance world.

“My goal is to win as many competitions as I can, and to inspire people all over the world,” he says. But in the future, he’d also like to become a pilot in the Air Force. At least that’s his plan right now, “but I have always been switching around what I want to do for a job. I am also in track, hockey, baseball, soccer and dance, but I am aiming at excelling in hockey at the moment.”

Dick’s goals for his son aren’t quite so event specific but are nonetheless important. “My goals for Peter are to be a well-rounded, hard working, self-sufficient, honest, contributing member to his community and country,” he says.

Finding a Good Balance

Peter admits his passion requires a lot of sacrifice, but says his family helps keep him grounded. “My mom is really good about being balanced in my sports and school,” he explains.

Peter Dziak USANA

And Peter isn’t the only person in his family with a full schedule. Following mom and dad’s lead, each of the seven Dziak children maintain a healthy lifestyle by staying active and balanced.

“We homeschool and try to keep God at the center of our lives,” Dick says. “We belong to a fitness club, Glass Courts, where my wife teaches water aerobics and the kids can cross train. We have a garden in the summer and try to eat healthily, but that is huge battle for us.  And now, … we just recently starting using the USANA products and can already feel a positive difference!”

In fact, the Dziaks like USANA so much, Dick and his wife just signed up as Associates. “I really like everything USANA offers,” Peter says. “Especially the Nutrimeal Dutch Chocolate protein shake. I really try to get all of the nutrients I need every day along with pre-workout proteins and such.”

All in the Family

Peter isn’t the only person in his family who loves to share his talents. All seven of the Dziak children have danced at one time or another.

Eileen, the oldest at 23, danced and has taught Irish dancing. Anne, 21, qualified for and competed at five world championships.  Randy, 18, danced along side of Peter for many years, qualifying and competing at the world championships in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2009.

“Randy and Peter have been great pals and training partners and Randy kept it fun for Peter and encourages Peter to continue to strive and push himself to the next level,” Dick explains. It was “because his older siblings were jigging around” that Peter started dancing.

The youngest members the Dziak clan — Maryellen, Michelle and Danny (ages 13, 9 and 6) — are following in their siblings’ footsteps and are all currently taking dance classes.


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