Carmen Marshall Living the Intercontinental Dream

Carmen Marshall

Ten years ago, Carmen Marshall was looking for a new partner, a network marketing company that would fit. It took 18 months and 73 companies before Carmen found what she was looking for — USANA.

“I had been a top income earner in another network marketing firm but wasn’t happy with the company,” Carmen told What’s Up, USANA? “But I loved the model. So I went on a search to find the best company to partner with.”

Carmen wanted a company that put its products first, had strong ethics, was fair, team-oriented and offered a strong compensation plan. “USANA was a company that put its products and health message first, which, to me, is the key to long-term success in a network marketing company — the product — backed by great leadership and compensation plan,” she said.

Network marketing allows people to completely design the life they want, Carmen says. “I think it’s the coolest thing in the world that by helping others create solid, residual income, that helps create solid income for us. And with USANA’s product line being all about health, we get to focus on our own wellness and lifestyle.”

Now a Diamond Director, Carmen says her life plan is perfectly in-tune with USANA. It’s important to her that she can create solid wealth by helping others do the same thing, all while focusing on healthy, balanced lives. “I get to live healthily and make that a priority, because how can we be selling something and not be living it congruently ourselves? I’m able to each and every day get up with a purpose — of helping others in their health, wealth and personal development.”

Carmen says having the opportunity to create her life exactly as she wants — where she wants to live, what she wants to be doing, how healthy she wants to be, what her purpose is — has equated to total freedom.

Carmen shops at a market in Bali.

Success does not come without work, Carmen says. She’s a big believer in goals, vision boards and in “Creating My Day.” Carmen began USANA with specific 10-, five- and one-year plans. She made a dream board, 98 percent of which she says has manifested. “Every day (or most days), I get up in the morning and Create My Day — set my intentions for the day. I had a 10-year plan to be living an Intercontinental Life…and through USANA was able to do it in nine!”

Carmen says there were times throughout her first year with USANA that she felt like giving up, but she wouldn’t let herself give in to those negative feelings. “I would tell myself, ‘What’s my option — a 9-5 job?’ Never!” She kept working hard, and after about two years, the foundation was built. She never looked back.

You need to be very clear about what you want, Carmen says. Those goals and dreams will become clearer as you ask good questions, read books and surround yourself with people who have created amazing lives. You will become more inspired as focus on each element. As you commit to continual personal development, your business and life will grow proportionately.

Growth can feel slow while your experiencing it, but you have to “keep your vibration high — health and doing things you love and are passionate about. Don’t wait until you have more time or money, do it now to raise your vibration.”

Carmen in front of a Balinese door at her home in Maui, Hawaii.

The following principles have helped Carmen achieve success.

Carmen’s Manifestion Process 

  1. Get clear on what you WANT
  2. Feel the FEELING of having it
  3. Take consistent ACTION daily
  4. Keep your VIBRATION high by doing things you love
  5. TRUST the Process, believe in the Universe/God and yourself
  6. Be unattached as to HOW it comes to you…

Everyone should read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill three times in a row, Carmen says. “It will change your business and personal life forever. It taught me the power of focus. Of holding a magnifying glass in one place long enough for the fire to catch. Of the power of energy building when you focus. That’s always been my key to success … belief in myself/what I wanted to create and focus.”

Though incredibly successful, Carmen still has goals, including becoming a 2-Star Diamond. She’ll be working closely with her USANA team with their model of helping others “Create A Life You Love” to achieve that. In 2013, Carmen will also expand her own brand — — teaching others how they can be the “authors of their life” and create their own “dream life.”

Already living in Bali and Maui, Carmen is close to having her ideal life. Her next goal is to design and build her own dream homes in both places, and perhaps add a European home to her intercontinental lifestyle. She says she now has total freedom to live her life the way she wants, cultivating her passions and surrounding herself with people she loves.

USANA can be the vehicle to creating the life you want — whatever that is, Carmen says. Big dreams can be realized — you just have to be clear, have the right vehicle, and take consistent action over time.


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Carmen is living an intercontinental lifestyle. Check out the gallery below to see pictures from her homes in Maui and Bali.


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  1. Amy
    Amy says:

    You are such an inspiration. I will never forget meeting you a Robert Allen training in Del Mar a few years ago, and was moved to tears when you shared your passion for dancing and encouraging us to do what we love! I am a dancer too and it was music to my ears…thank you, I always share that with my new associates and team I am building. Do What You Love!!!

  2. Duane Spears
    Duane Spears says:

    Thank you Carmen, I meet with a group of friends at a local cafe and I carry my new USANA provided IPad with me. So I was sharing your story with them and they truly enjoyed it. Thanks for being such a wonderful role model.

  3. Jason
    Jason says:

    Carmen, very motivating. I am a new associate with usana. Sounds like your story is a process of dream, struggle and victory. I will keep updates with you on facebook.

  4. Sergio Aguirre
    Sergio Aguirre says:

    Thanks for sharing, it transmits a very motivating vibe.

    Carmen, congratulations! You show us all that it can be done.


  5. Amoy Joyce
    Amoy Joyce says:

    Thank you Carmen, thank you, I am beginning to revisit my passion, God gave it go me and I can have all including My Usana Business. My aim is to be able to stand faultless before the Throne.

  6. Nancy On
    Nancy On says:

    Carmen Marshall has been a role model to me ever since I started. I would LOVE to have homes intercontinentally.. where every day would feel like a vacation. Thank you so much for paving the path!


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