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AskALeaderLogo-INYou’ve completed the True Health Assessment. You’ve tried USANA’s new Peanutty Bliss protein snack. You’ve got your Auto Order set up. But you aren’t quite sure what’s next. Wouldn’t it be great to learn how certain USANA leaders excel in business?

Now, with the Ask a Leader video series, you can.

This series contains brief video clips of United States Independent Distributor Council (IDC) members who candidly answer questions to help you understand their tried and proven methods to obtain success. From how to overcome common obstacles to the best way to invest in yourself, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge on succeeding in business.

Here are a few of the questions you’ll see answered in these videos:

  • How do you handle objections about time?
  • What do you do to invest in yourself?
  • How did you build a solid foundation for your business?

Another great aspect of these videos is that they are available at any time. Can’t sleep? Why not be productive in the wee hours of the morning and learn how to better build your business? This can also be a great tool for leaders to train their teams.

USANA is invested in our Associates. We are one of the few direct-selling companies to provide original, personal development content to Associates. These videos demonstrate our commitment to help you love life and live it.







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  1. edwin lara
    edwin lara says:

    I am an associate for a year now, I am so convince with the effectivity of the product, & always renewing my auto ship. I am a user of Usana essential. Now my main problem is I want to kick start my empire here in Ireland. There are atleast 2 persons that are willing to sign in, as long as they are assured of the support of the leaders. Pls email me, any of the leaders… Please.


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