Experiences on Trail Inspire USANA Couple in All Aspects of Life

Jim and Cheryl Sheehan

Jim and Cheryl Sheehan

Cheryl and Jim Sheehan are true partners in every sense of the word. The two have been setting and reaching goals, including building a USANA business, together for more than 15 years. Most recently, they took on the 93-mile Wonderland Trail on Mt. Rainier.

The Sheehan’s trek was one years in the making. It started with the couple becoming avid hikers and backpackers. In 2012, they trained for several months to hike the Grand Canyon, and it was an amazing experience for both.

It had been several years since Cheryl had had a physical goal of this kind, and she left the Grand Canyon adventure inspired and motivated. Having a goal for the season was rewarding and the accomplishment was a highlight of Cheryl’s year, so following the trip, the Sheehans began considering what might be next. The Wonderland Trail seemed the perfect fit.

Sharing the Journey

“I thought it would be a great opportunity for Cheryl and I to experience this physical challenge together,” Jim says of the decision. “As well as to share in the wonderful beauty of the mountain and the teamwork involved in accomplishing it.”

Cheryl Sheehan hiking“The Wonderland Trail on Mt Rainier is in our own backyard, and I’ve lived in the shadow of the mountain for most of my 51 years,” Cheryl says. “I’ve come to love the mountain and the beauty, power and grace it represents for me.”

Physical fitness and maintaining overall good health are both important to the Sheehans. Prior to preparation for their trek, they were already working out at the gym five days a week and staying limber with yoga twice a week. They also maintained their health by what Jim calls “eating right” and “taking our USANA MyHealthPaks.”*

In March, Jim and Cheryl began going on long training hikes with their packs. They would consistently add weight to their packs and added at least an evening a week to their hiking schedule so they could get used to weight on their backs.

Jim Sheehan hikingAll of the couple’s preparation paid off in August when they were able to complete their trek in seven days, a day faster than initially planned.

Jim says there were many highlights of this trek, but that the biggest one was sharing the challenge and completing the journey with his wife.

Cheryl echoes Jim’s sentiment, saying the experience left her grateful for each small accomplishment and taught her to live in the moment.

“I can hardly talk about it without truly getting choked up,” she says. “In the past, I was never one to take something on unless I felt pretty sure I could succeed. It’s been a limiting factor in my life and in areas important to me. But without truly knowing whether I was prepared enough or could succeed, I took my first steps onto the Wonderland Trail with my fabulous husband and partner and what transpired was pure bliss!”

Lifelong Applications

There were many lessons to be learned on the trail — setting a powerful intention, taking actions to prepare, overcoming obstacles and growing through the trials. Those are now things Cheryl says she can apply “to any area of my life for greater joy and accomplishment, and experiencing that now as we step intentionally in our USANA business.”

It’s been several years since Cheryl and Jim learned about USANA. Their friends, recently advanced Gold Directors Wild Jones and Dyann Lyon, introduced the company to them. The Sheehans initially were attracted to USANA because of the health and nutritional aspects it offered. They had no reason to join as Associates, but that quickly changed.

Jim and Cheryl with their team at USANA's 2013 Convention.

Jim and Cheryl with their team at USANA’s 2013 Convention.

“Although we did not intend to do the business out of the gate, we are grateful that our friends encouraged us to become Associates since we were ordering a large amount of products on our first order,” Jim explains.

Currently Achievers, Jim and Cheryl have their sights set on moving up the USANA ranks. USANA is now Cheryl’s career. “This past year has been a turning point for me in our business, and I’m fully committed to empowering others in their lives and businesses as we grow our own business,” she says.

In addition to building his USANA business, Jim finds fulfillment as the executive director of a philanthropic family foundation. “Every day I get to see the positive impact that this foundation has on our community,” he says. “It is all about helping people. Just like being associated with USANA!”

At the age of 59, Jim attributes his optimum health in part to USANA.* But being with the company goes beyond that. “I have also developed more professionally and have met a lot of great people and entrepreneurs that have positively impacted my life,” he says. “USANA has also created a stronger awareness of helping and empowering other people.”

Harley fun Jim and Cheryl SheehanThe Sheehans have big goals for the future — advancing to Director, backpacking adventures, an African safari. And they plan to accomplish them together.

Cheryl “adds about 10 times the joy factor in everything we do,” Jim says. “Her sense of adventure and how she cares for people is also incredible. I also love how compatible we are at partnering on everything. It is fun being married to your best friend.”

That goes ditto for Cheryl. “There is nothing quite like creating dreams, setting goals, collaborating with, growing and succeeding with my husband!” she says.

“Jim has always been an incredible stand for people — he’s loyal and committed; the kind of guy you want on your team and with you in the trenches. He’s got great character and is fun and adventuresome. We just dance incredibly well together! After 15 years of marriage, I’m still crazy about him.”


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