How To: Make Connections That Last

SWEET Retreat 2015USANA is all about people—about finding ways to connect with others and sharing what we know and who we are.

While attending USANA’s SWEET Retreat—Successful Women Empowering Entrepreneurs Together—I got to talk with so many amazing Associates. I listened to their stories, their struggles, and their successes, and realized that these people were going to make a great impact on me.

Unfortunately, it’s sometimes difficult to maintain those relationships you build at an event, conference, or even a dinner party at a friend’s house, especially when you get back to real life. Here are some quick tips that I learned at SWEET Retreat about how to make worthwhile connections that extend beyond the end of an event.

Be Unique and Authentic to Yourself

“BAM! Better As Me!” —Lorie Mulhern

You each have your own unique story and your own ability to influence the people around you. Acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses helps you understand how you can make connections with others.

Focus on Others

“A life of significance is about serving those who need your gifts, your leadership, and your purpose.” —Lindsey Hardy

Many people shy away from networking at events because they are introverted. Take the opportunity to focus on helping others instead. This will allow people to get to know you based off of your actions rather than small talk.

SWEET Retreat 2015Listen Sincerely

“Give others the gift of your presence.” —Grace Keohohou

It’s better to make a lasting connection with a few people than to make an insignificant connection with many. When you talk with others, focus on heart-centered listening and know that the more focused the conversation, the more meaningful it will be.

Ask the Right Questions

“The quality of questions you ask determines the quality of your life.” —Grace Keohohou

Before you attend events, determine what you want to achieve and make sure you are prepared to ask the right questions. Asking sincere and heartfelt questions allows you the opportunity to get the most out of your conversations.

Be a Friend

Some of the best friends you’ve ever had you haven’t met yet!” —April London

Treat those you meet as you would a friend. It’s easier to share and connect with someone you care for, respect, and trust.

SWEET Retreat 2015Don’t Be Intimidated

“We have this overall sense of security and safety here. That comfort and care we feel is why we love SWEET Retreat.” —Kathy Kaehler, USANA spokesperson and celebrity fitness trainer

Even the most awe-inspiring, powerful, and successful people are just that—people. You have a lot to learn from someone with great experience, but don’t forget that there is a lot they can also learn from you.

Look Around You

“We have the unique ability to rally around each other and build each other up.” —Elizabeth Rider

While incredible speakers can share amazing advice on business, health, and life, sometimes it’s not the people on the stage who can make the biggest impact. Many times, those who can and are the most willing to help you are sitting right next to you.

Don’t Forget About Your Current Network

“Living a legacy is a journey.” —Kahnoush Mokhbery

Don’t forget that part of building lasting relationships means continually sustaining and supporting the relationships you already have.

Now, you are ready to rock your next event and hopefully build some meaningful relationships along the way! Leave your best networking tips in the comments below!

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