Entrepreneur Jen Groover Works to Inspire, Empower

Entrepreneur Jen Groover

At the age of 26, Jen Groover quickly learned what health really meant. After a few short years as a national-level fitness competitor and master trainer, her kidneys, liver and heart started shutting down. Jen had overworked and overtrained her body.

Jen’s first foray into the business world was in the fitness industry, and she says it began her journey of entrepreneurship and living her passion as her purpose. But then Jen got sick, and she didn’t know what to do. “I learned quickly the power of your health or the lack thereof,” Jen said. “I didn’t have a plan B. I thought I was going to be doing what I was doing for a really long time.”

Dwelling on the bad stuff isn’t Jen’s style and she quickly took stock of her situation. Looking back, her next step seems obvious. “I quickly had to evolve my client base and assess what I was really good at, which was empowering and inspiring people to find what they’re good at and to make their passion their purpose,” she said. “So I began life coaching.”

Since then, Jen has helped many women — and a few men — start their own companies and become successful. And while Jen was helping new entrepreneurs on their paths to success, they were helping her grow as well. Many of the companies Jen helped get off the ground launched on QVC, a place, she says, that is frequented by amazing people. “Surrounding myself by people who were constantly raising the bar made me raise my own bar.”

The Butler Bag

And raising the bar meant coming up with the concept of the Butler Bag, which became one of the fastest-growing handbag companies in history. That in and of itself was a large accomplishment, but Jen didn’t stop there. Rather, she used Butler Bag as a platform to springboard herself to what she says she is truly meant to do — empower and inspire as many people as possible, helping them to recognize their capabilities and worth beyond what they ever thought was possible.

“Whether it’s through speaking, television, writing books, doing workshops, or even through products, the message is still the same — and it’s to push people to find their purpose and to create their own dreams,” Jen said.

Jen, who just signed on as a USANA spokeswoman, will be pushing USANA leaders and Associates to find their own purposes at two major events in 2012 — the SWEET Retreat in May and USANA’s 20th International Convention in August.

May 18-19 in California

Jen has been working with people in the direct sales industry since the beginning of 2000. “What I love about the direct sales world is the empowerment that the companies understand and give to the people within their organizations — to understand how important self-empowerment and growth is and to constantly be working on yourself every day,” she said. “That is a powerful business methodology that I carry with me today, through direct sales.”

Each time Jen speaks she focuses on two things: the mindset of abundance and fearlessness, and the application of that mindset, aka the technical skills. For the SWEET Retreat, Jen is planning on narrowing the focus to business-building strategies and tactics. Whereas the International Convention will have more of a macro feel with a focus on the principles of success not taught in school.

Aug. 15-18 in Salt Lake City

Leading up to USANA’s biggest International Convention to date, Jen passed on one of her greatest tips: To be successful yourself, you have to surround yourself with successful people on an ongoing basis, she said. When you start surrounding yourself by these people, you’ll start to think like them. “It allows you to instantly elevate your awareness and you start to see the people around you as people who are like you, versus somebody that you put on a pedestal. You understand that they have the same fears and they have the same objections and they have the same obstacles. They just overcame them.”

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