#USANA14 Episode 2: Digital Domination

USANA14 ESA Lights

Expectation is the enemy of any second episode. So how could #USANA14 follow up a strong start that drew very flattering reviews—and not just from this recapper?

The Hub Announced at #USANA14

We held trainings all afternoon on the all-new Hub!

Announcing a coming digital revolution was a good start.

Our CEO Dave Wentz—with the help of some secret agents—introduced the thousands in attendance at EnergySolutions Arena to The Hub. It’s the new center of the USANA digital experience—and it’s just as cutting edge and customizable as you’d expect.

But The Hub is just the beginning. There are other amazing tools to help you share content, manage your team, and personalize your online life. And it’s all mobile so you can access it wherever life takes you. There’s a lot of great Hub coverage over on USANAtoday (which will be replaced by The Hub).

That’s a pretty phenomenal A-story that was balanced beautifully by a heartfelt B-story.

There was an outpouring of caring on Thursday, driven by the announcement of a brand-new book only available to those who donate to the USANA True Health Foundation. Breakfast with the Usanimals made it’s debut onstage, with Dave—the book’s author—reading from his rocking chair to a group of kids sitting enthralled on the floor.

USANA14 ESA Lights

Associates light up the EnergySolutions Arena during #USANA14

Anyone making a recurring Auto Order donation of $10 or more will receive a copy. A $25 Auto Order will get you a signed copy. Text “GiveUSANA” to 96000 in the U.S. and 76000 in Canada if you want to donate. You can add your name to a list of almost 2,000 that’s growing by the hour.

Today was an A+ in my book, and it will be a hard act for the next two days to follow. But Tony Robbins and other impressive speakers tomorrow and Saturday will have the last word.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite moment from this second day of Convention—and the new Recognizing You USANA Awards Show has just wrapped up (to be followed by an amazing after party!). So what was your favorite thing today? Share them with us and make sure to tag your posts #USANA14.

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