Dr. Myron Wentz Science Center Dedication

USANA founder Dr. Myron Wentz is already well known for his revolutionary work in microbiology and the life sciences, and now he’s leaving his mark on the world of academic science. After making a generous donation to North Central College for its new science center, Dr. Wentz attended a formal dedication ceremony in his honor on Friday, October 20th, in Naperville, Illinois. The new facility has been named The Dr. Myron Wentz Science Center.

“The Wentz Science Center will transform and elevate the experience of every North Central College student,” President Troy D. Hammond told the Chicago Tribune. “Dr. Wentz’s remarkable gift provides a significant leap toward fully funding the science center and toward our long term $150 million Brilliant Future Campaign goal.”

The new $60 million Wentz Science Center encompasses 125,000 square feet and has 18 teaching labs, 16 research labs, 15 classrooms, an auditorium, 53 faculty offices, and 19 student social areas.

“It is a remarkably modern facility that equips faculty and students to model how science is conducted in the real world,” said Wentz. “The Wentz Science Center so adeptly facilitates a collaborative, hands-on approach to teaching and learning. As an undergraduate student at North Central College, I could only have dreamed about such an amazing facility.”

This isn’t the first building on campus that bears the Wentz name. In 2008, the magnificent Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center was opened and named after the distinguished scientist and avid music lover as a result his generous gifting.

It’s not only science, education, and music that Dr. Wentz is passionate about. His life-long determination to provide the world vital nutrition is what drove him to create USANA, a billion-dollar health and wellness company that manufactures nutritional supplements, skin care, and healthy food products in Salt Lake City, Utah. This passion has also resulted in the creation of Sanoviv Medical Institute, the USANA True Health Foundation, and a partnership with the Children’s Hunger Fund to create multiple Wentz Medical Centers in Africa and Asia for orphaned and impoverished children.

“It gives me great pride knowing that I’ve made a difference in the lives of students at my undergraduate alma mater by equipping the College to expand on its strong science tradition,” said Wentz.

For more information about the dedication check out the Facebook Live from the unveiling.

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  1. Kerry Pomponio
    Kerry Pomponio says:

    Thank you Dr. Wentz for your brilliant mind and for being a man of your word. Your aim was to help eliminate pain and suffering in starting Usana Health Sciences.
    Your donation will be another way that your legacy will live on for years to come.


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