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Dr. Myron Wentz Science Center Dedication

USANA founder Dr. Myron Wentz is already well known for his revolutionary work in microbiology and the life sciences, and now he’s leaving his mark on the world of academic science. After making a generous donation to North Central College for its new science center, Dr. Wentz attended a formal dedication ceremony in his honor […]

Pro Tips for a High Plant-Based Protein Diet

  I think it’s safe to say, most everyone knows how crucial protein is in your diet. In the body, proteins break down amino acids that promote cell growth and repair. An added benefit: they take longer to digest than carbs, which means you feel fuller for longer and on fewer calories. Whether you are […]

Indoor Plants Reduce Stress

Give Your Indoor Space the Benefit of the Outdoors It helps reduce stress. According to a study, researchers found that hospital patients who had plants in their rooms reported much less stress than those who didn’t. Have you ever noticed how little time you spend outdoors on an average day? The Environmental Protection Agency estimates […]

USANA Goes Green For Arbor Day

This week, USANA employees joined forces with local nonprofit TreeUtah to celebrate Arbor Day on an ambitious project to plant trees in a local community park. The project was coordinated through USANA Green. A USANA initiative which is dedicated to implementing programs to reduce solid waste, conserve water and energy and recycle. Several USANA employees from […]

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THF Celebrates Another Year of Success

Celebrating yet another very successful year, the True Health Foundation (THF) is pleased to share their many accomplishments from 2016. During the past year, THF raised over $2.8 million, donating over $2.6 million to those less fortunate or in need across the globe. THF also organized their first service trip to Baja, Mexico, where several […]