Highlighting ways in which USANA gives back through the USANA True Health Foundation and other philanthropic efforts.

Stampeding to the Rescue with Usanimals

  If you’ve ever had a rough day, all it takes is a child smiling and waggling their chubby little fingers at you from the back of their parent’s shoulder to put a dopey smile on your face. That big, happy grin is contagious.…
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Malaysia Flood Relief: True Health Foundation

Nearly two dozen Associates from Singapore and Malaysia joined the True Health Foundation (THF) on a mission trip to Serandah Village, Malaysia. There, they delivered food, medical attention and other aid to 180 families. Each year, flooding…
true health foundation
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THF Celebrates Another Year of Success

Celebrating yet another very successful year, the True Health Foundation (THF) is pleased to share their many accomplishments from 2016. During the past year, THF raised over $2.8 million, donating over $2.6 million to those less fortunate…
Aces for Humanity Nets $25,000 for the USANA True Health Foundation // What's Up, USANA?
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Aces for Humanity Nets $25,000 for the USANA THF

For the last decade, the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and USANA have remained a perfect match, and this past year has been no different. Through the annual Aces for Humanity campaign, a joint WTA and USANA initiative supporting the…
Hurricane Matthew: What You Can Do To Help

Hurricane Matthew Relief: True Health Foundation

Hurricane Matthew The poorest country in the Americas has taken a direct hit from the worst Caribbean storm in the last decade. Whole villages and towns have been completely wiped out. Hundreds of people are dead and thousands displaced.…
True Health Foundation USANA16 Recap
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#USANA16 Recap: True Health Foundation

What a week! We worked really hard on everything leading up to International Convention for the True Health Foundation, and seeing it all come together felt amazing! But it was your participation, positive feedback, and reaction to everything…