USANA: 回顾2017年精彩 展望2018

2017年,是USANA历史上最特别的一年。这一年,我们迎来了USANA 25周岁生日,举办了盛大的国际年会和地区年会;这一年,我们首次突破10亿美元的销售额,迎来一个新的发展里程碑;





8 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays Without the Weight Gain

The holiday season is here and with it comes time spent with family and friends eating delicious food. Mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, pie, cookies, and cocktails are staples at every celebration and party. Indulging in these seasonal treats…

Fitness Through the Holidays with Erin Oprea

Editor’s note: The following was written by USANA Fitness Ambassador Erin Oprea.  The holidays can be a crazy time of year. From huge family gatherings to office parties and even colder weather, there are a lot of excuses floating…

Naughty or Nice Cream

If you’re worried about staying off the naughty list this year with your health coach but want to indulge in some holiday treats, add a bowl of nice cream to your menu. Nice cream revamps the idea of store-bought ice cream and recreates…