Your Social Media Ticket to #USANA18

USANA’s 26th International Convention is swiftly approaching and there will incredible people from all over the globe converging on Salt Lake City all because of their passion for health.

Even if you aren’t able to fly Utah and take a seat in the Vivint Center arena, there’s a seat reserved for you at this year’s Convention. We’ll be live streaming, tweeting, and posting throughout all four days and would love for you to follow along.

#USANA18 Is Everything

Follow #USANA18 to see everything from amazing guest speakers, performances, and awards shows to photo booth snapshots and exciting Convention-only surprises rolling out.

If you’re attending Convention, snap, tag, and post away. Coming together as the healthiest family on Earth is all about sharing your experiences. It’s easy to use social media to share your memorable moments with everyone. Download the Tips to Snap, Tag, Post checklist for yourself.

Follow Along Online

Whatever platform you gravitate towards, #USANA18 updates will be there.

Facebook: Tune in for Facebook Live videos and exclusive behind the scenes sneak peaks.

Instagram: Watch for some exciting Insta stories and tag #USANA18 in your own.

Twitter: Keep up with the live-tweeting from general sessions, book signings, and more.

The Blog: What’s Up, USANA? is your hub for all things Convention this year. You won’t want to miss a beat.

WeChat: Subscribe for exclusive resources from Convention in Chinese.

Stop, Drop, and Scroll

Stop by and visit the Social Media Education Studio during the day. There will be USANA staff and the entire social media team there to help you navigate each social platform and teaching you how to effectively use each to build your business.

There will be digital copies of all the freshly designed social media guides for you to peruse and ask questions about. Learn How to Brand Yourself, brush up on The Foundations of Social Selling, and ask any social media questions you’re pondering. We can’t wait to meet you and help you share how you #LiveUSANA.

You’ll even be able to get some social-friendly swag, so do it for the ‘gram.

If you want to become more tech-savvy, plan on attending the social media education sessions throughout Convention. There, you’ll learn from successful social media moguls about personalizing your business for a social media driven world. This new form of communication may be intimidating, but don’t worry. These speakers will help you understand the keys to being successful on social.

There’s an App for That

Download the USANA Events app from Google Play or the App Store

It’s the gateway to Convention events at your fingertips.

From planning out your daily schedule, to reading up on all the amazing presenters, to easily sharing your thoughts about trainings and presenters on social media, the app does it all.
Plus, the handy map feature makes sure you know where you need to be at all times.

Get Trending

International Convention is bound to be the most exciting, educational, and empowering event you’ll attend this year. It’s really all about engaging with the people behind the screens. Document your experiences, connect with others, and connect with USANA on social to keep Dr. Myron Wentz’s vision growing.

Tips to Snap, Tag, Post

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31 replies
  1. Anissa Zatarain
    Anissa Zatarain says:

    I plan on using #USANA18 for Social Media every chance I get. To show how exciting it is to attend USANA Convention.

    • Shauntel Joanne Peterson
      Shauntel Joanne Peterson says:

      That’s a great plan, Amy! Stop by the Social Media Education Booth and show us some of your awesome posts. You might get some swag 😉 Thanks for reading.

  2. Dina Dillon
    Dina Dillon says:

    I’m totally excited and arriving there tomorrow! I’ll being utilizing mostly Instagram but will for sure using the USANA App to make sure I get to the awesome people speaking. Thanks for all the great tips!

  3. Emmanuel
    Emmanuel says:

    Thanks for this article! The best way I gonna use this sharing why the USANA family is the healthiest family on earth; not only physically, also emotional and financially!!!

  4. Robin Thomas
    Robin Thomas says:

    I was one of the first associates who enjoyed sharing my USANA experiences on social media, and have been a social media ambassador from the beginning! I’m loving Instagram stories and fb live videos to bring my followers right in the middle of the action! You can follow my IG account @LivingWellConnections to enjoy #USANA18 and #LiveUSANA !

    • Shauntel Peterson
      Shauntel Peterson says:

      Robin, thank you for your enthusiasm to share what you love on social. I can’t wait to see what wonderful posts you come away with at #USANA18 this year. Thanks for reading.

  5. Angela Cunanan
    Angela Cunanan says:

    Excited for what’s in store! Will be on the lookout on what’s happening during the convention through social media. 🙂

  6. CarrieweSsy
    CarrieweSsy says:

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