After a rough day at the grind or keeping the kids in line, you probably just want to collapse on your couch and flip on the TV. Or you’ll surf social media, maybe browsing for easy, bite-sized tips to de-stress your life (like you’re doing right now.)

That’s fine and all. These activities can offer a welcome distraction from your stressful life. But often—and for most of us—stress can’t instantly be swept away with just an inspiring quote or watching the evening news. In fact, that just might increase your stress levels.

Instead, it might be time for you to disconnect from the grid and discover a new hobby. Or fall back in love with an old one. So take a look at the hobbies below. One just may be the inspiration you need to de-stress your life.


Few things beat smelling fresh air, digging in the dirt, and eating fresh herbs and vegetables. Fortunately for all of us, gardening involves all three of these wonderful things.

A recent study even found that gardening lowers cortisol—the stress hormone—more so than other leisure activities.

And in time, you’ll be surrounded by free, fresh ingredients and gorgeous flowers to decorate your home.


Disconnect from the worries of life by leaving them behind entirely while you bring yourself closer to nature. Take a hike!

Not only will you find peace in the great outdoors, but you’ll also keep yourself fit. Exercise, in general, has already been shown to help reduce stress and improve mood. So, why not get your exercise with blue skies above you, wind-brushed trees around you, and a winding trail to lead you on?

Find a safe trail nearby, wear good shoes, find a hiking buddy, and take plenty of water. Click here for more hiking tips. Adventure awaits!

Reading and Writing

Curling up with a good book is a great way to ease tension when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Especially if the weather wants to keep you inside. All you need to do is find a new book to lose yourself in.

Or you could embrace your inner author and do some writing yourself. Keeping a personal journal can help you reflect on the good things in your life and get your emotions out where you can see them. You could even light some scented candles, turn on some relaxing music, or use different colored inks to engage all your senses while you relax and unwind.

So, turn on your warm lamp, sink back against your pillow, and let the words take you on a journey.

Arts and Crafts

Ever heard of art therapy? It’s an entire field of study on how art can help reduce stress while helping us express our feelings and creativity.

You may not think of yourself as artistically inclined, but there are plenty of artsy activities that don’t require you to be the next Vincent van Gogh.

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now and are great if you just want to relax and create beautiful pictures. Or you could just draw some simple sketches in a notebook when you’re feeling tense.

And maybe you are a hidden artistic master. Don’t be afraid to bust out the brushes and watercolors if you feel the urge. Step outside to capture a beautiful landscape or paint your favorite flower.


Cooking requires attention to detail—perfect for keeping those nagging thoughts at bay. And by the end, you’ll have something tasty
to enjoy yourself and share with others. You could even sell off the treats you bake at a local farmers market.

Turn cooking into a fun family activity as you search for new foods and recipes to make and taste. And as you practice, you’ll soon be crafting meals that are not only more delicious and fancy, but also healthier.

This hobby is also a cost-saver. Eating out is great, but it’s also expensive. So why not learn how to make your favorite meals yourself for cheap?

Find Your New Hobby

When you’re pursuing your favorite hobby, you’re not just an “employee” or an “average person.” You’re an athlete, an artist, an explorer. And, ultimately, you’re an absolute fun, more well-rounded, and talented human being. Hobbies get us moving and thinking. They remind us of our talents, skills, and adventurous sides we so easily forget when we’re glued to the TV or social media.

It’s no wonder they can be the key to de-stressing our stressful lives.

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And please leave a comment about your favorite de-stressing activity. Then close your laptop, turn off your phone, and go do something fun.