4 Steps to a Makeup-Free Selfie

Makeup. There’s full coverage, sheer coverage, and waterproof; contour, bronzer, highlight; powder, liquid, and more. As these products blend together to create the illusion of confident self-expression, they also become a source of anxiety. In our world full of photoshop and social media, beauty standards can seem impossible to live up to.

Trending hashtags like #NoMakeUpMonday and #NoFilter are geared to remind us that natural, makeup-less faces are beautiful, too. Let’s face it, there’s nothing more radiant than when your inner beauty shines through stunning skin. So, what’s the secret to a great makeup-free selfie? A healthy skincare routine that lets you love the skin you’re in—brought to you by Celavive®.

Makeup-Free Selfie Skincare

1. Cleanse

Your face sees a lot throughout the day: bendable makeup, rush-hour traffic, long meetings, spin class sweat, and more. Wipe away the day (or night) and clean your pores with a cleanser that does its job without stressing out your skin.

2. Tone

After a nice wash, your skin needs to rebalance its pH levels for a beautiful complexion, but that doesn’t require anything as harsh as a stinging astringent. Keep calm, grab a cotton pad, and tone on.

3. Enhance

Nourishing your skin with serums, masks, and oils takes your makeup-free face up a notch to a radiant complexion.

4. Moisturize

The key to glowy, healthy-looking skin is moisture. Sunshine, dry air, pollutants, and long days can leave your skin parched. Adding a moisturizer with SPF is a must to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and rejuvenate it.

Get Ready for Your Close-Up

Now that Celavive is part of your daily routine, you’ll love the skin you’re in. With healthy-looking, clean, and moisturized skin, your new self-assurance will crush the “unreachable” beauty standards. Follow these four steps every day to rock makeup-free selfies and glow with confidence. Snap a #CelaviveSelfie, share it on social, and tag @CelaviveOfficial for your chance to be featured.

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