5 Bodyweight Exercises for A Full-Body Workout

Girl Drinking Protein Shake Exercise

No Gym? No Problem.

Whether you’re practicing #SocialDistancing, working from home, or simply don’t have a gym nearby, you can work out every part of your body using nothing more than a little ingenuity. Run through a circuit of these six bodyweight exercises today for a fulfilling, full-body workout.

#GetGetGetIt, USANA fam!

1. Lunges and Squats

Leg day is the foundation of the USANA #FitFam.

If you were looking forward to skipping leg day, too bad. Grill those glutes with this bodyweight leg circuit, courtesy of Men’s Journal.

2. Every Flavor of Push-Up

Keep it up, Captain.

Push-ups are the most convenient way to exercise your chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs. And there are a ton of ways to do them. Here are 14 varieties to try, courtesy of Outside Online.

3. Core Goes Beyond Abdominals

Awesome workout, Maddie.
If you’ve got 15 minutes, you’ve got time for this ☝☝☝ total core workout by MadFit.

4. Upper, Mid, and Lower Back

Jeff’s probably less intimidating IRL.
That’s right—you don’t need to own a pullup bar to work your back from top to bottom. (Though, you can get a nice door-mount bar for around $40, and that’s money well spent.)

5. Pick It Up and Put It Down for Biceps + Shoulders

Ice cream exercise? Yes please.

Okay, we’ll admit bicep and shoulder exercises are tough without a pullup bar or resistance bands. Load a backpack or reusable grocery bag with a couple books and perform curls and front raises.

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