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Tricks for Treats: Healthy Halloween Swaps Infographic

Sometimes all it takes is a little trick to make a treat both tasty and healthy. From October 1 to All Hallows’ Eve, share these scary-simple sugar swaps to support USANA’s vision for a healthy lifestyle—all without groans from the neighborhood trick-or-treaters. Whether it’s a holiday party, Halloween night, or just a fun treat for […]

The Keto Diet, Explained

The 21st century has given us a lot of healthy lifestyle trends: fitness trackers, CrossFit and Zumba, more transparent restaurant menus, the body-positivity movement, the list goes on (my favorite is Wii Sports). With this trend of increased health awareness came new diets. Some have been debunked, others have faded out of popularity. But there’s […]

Cooking with Superfoods: Eat with Purpose

The early 2010’s gave us a lot of good health trends, including the “kale craze”. You’ve most likely heard of this first famous superfood through friends, social media, or your yoga instructor. Yes, this leafy green vegetable has stolen the hearts of health-nuts all across the globe with its plethora of whole-body health promises. And […]