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USANA Personal Development: Take A Break

Personal development takes many forms, and means something different for everyone. Some of you may prefer attending events (see note about International Convention below), while others may prefer reading books or listening to audio books/recordings. In reality, it is probably a combination. I know it is for me. There is one thing that I believe […]

Gen Now: Personal Development is Key

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to attend USANA’s Gen Now Summit in Las Vegas. We spent two days learning from top leaders on topics such as team building, products and social media. A recurring theme was personal development, and that developing and improving yourself needs to be part of everyone’s success plan. […]

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USANA Test Kitchen: Crunch is Good

Now that the beautiful spring weather has arrived in Salt Lake, we are on the go more, spending more time outside and going exploring. Today, I thought I would share a recipe that is versatile and easy to make, and will definitely keep our energy up between meals. Pumpkin Granola I have been making adjustments […]

Personal Development: Disruption at its Best

I was fortunate to attend VideoPlus University recently. This two-day conference, hosted by VideoPlus (a network marketing industry partner who develops a variety of marketing, training, and personal development materials for direct sellers), is for network marketing corporate employees and executives. The focus: not only business tips and tricks (USANA Chief Marketing Officer Doug Braun […]