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A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to attend USANA’s Gen Now Summit in Las Vegas. We spent two days learning from top leaders on topics such as team building, products and social media. A recurring theme was personal development, and that developing and improving yourself needs to be part of everyone’s success plan.

Two days of inspiration and fun. It doesn’t get much better than that, right?

Well, it does.

I asked the leaders who provided the training and talked in small groups during roundtable sessions for their personal development tips. Here is what some of them had to say:

Gen Now Summit - Lukas Vetrak 125 Personal Development

Soomin Kim hosting the Generation Now Summit. Photo by Lukas Vetrak

Ruby Director Soomin Kim, our host for two days, asked questions of the leaders to provide even greater insights throughout the summit. This is what Soomin told me: “We each have the same products to market, the same company and are all in the same industry — so really what is the ONLY variable? YOU. Which is why personal development is at the core perhaps the MOST important aspect of growth, separating the successful from everyone else.”

Soomin recommends any audio you can find by Jim Rohn, any seminar by Tony Robbins and any book by John C. Maxwell.

Gen Now Summit - Joe Katchka 14 Personal Development

Anna Lozano speaks at the Generation Now Summit. Photo by Joe Katchka

For Ruby Director, Anna Lozano, personal development is non-negotiable, and it has to be a part of your daily routine. “You need to work harder on yourself than your business,” Anna told me. She recommended You Were Born Rich, by Bob Proctor, and recommended following the #truth.

1-Star Diamond Director Michael Callejas recommends the book Building Your Network Marketing Business by Jim Rohn.

New Diamond Director Ivy Chan recommends two books that she shares with others, Once Upon a Cow by Camilo Cruz, Ph D, which is about eliminating excuses and settling for nothing but success, and The Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley, which shares the 10 qualities of a total winner.

Ruby Director Tracy Wenkman shared how she keeps herself on track to meet her goals. She writes them down for easy reference and creates a spreadsheet for her to track her progress by week. This allows her to track weekly and growth milestones. Tracy shared that with this method, “I know where the ‘pulse’ of my business is at any given moment with one look at (her) spreadsheet.” Filling the numbers in every week is a rush for this self-proclaimed “numbers girl.”

Jordan Kemper has built his team by spending 80% of his time prospecting, 19% of his time training, and 1% of his time problem-solving. His plan has been working well, as he recently achieved 1-Star Diamond. He told me, “This opportunity with USANA is about creating a team of independent business leaders.  With conference calls, USANA back office and regular events – the opportunities to learn and grow are everywhere.”

Gen Now Summit - Lukas Vetrak 85 Personal Development

Tracy Wenkman helps an attendee at the Generation Now Summit. Photo by Lukas Vetrak

I know I learned a lot from this list. Did you?

I have not read some of these books, so they will be added to my reading list. I am also going to make a better list of my goals and action items to ensure I meet my goals.


In May, I shared that I was going to write down 10 things that make me happy and begin reading 10 pages of personal development every day. I wrote my list, and try to keep that as a focus each day. My why.

I have not been as successful at reading 10 pages per day. My page count is more like 20-30 pages every third day. While this is technically the same number, it is not the same as committing to this daily. This is something I am continuing to work on, and have been more consistent the past week.

Now It’s Your Turn

If you attended the Gen Now Summit, what were your key takeaways? What are you doing to keep your why in focus and what personal development tips do you have for us?

Oh, one last thing: Please make sure to bookmark this blog post and check back regularly, as I will be adding some more tips from proven business leaders in the coming days and weeks.

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