Gen Now Week: A Day in the Life of an ‘Older’ Gen Yer

Editor’s Note: You’ve heard enough of us. It’s your turn to tell us about Gen Y. This is a guest blog written for USANA’s Generation Now Week by Melanie Ethridge, a USANA Ruby Director.

Melanie Gen Y

7:27 a.m. Wake up without an alarm clock. Grab whatever inspirational reading material is on my nightstand and read for 15 minutes.

7:45 Check in with Facebook to make sure nothing important happened in the lives of my friends while I was sleeping.

8:07 Throw a handful of whatever fruits and veggies are around into the blender with my Nutrimeal™ and enjoy a yummy, quick breakfast while skimming my emails.

8:45 Head out the door to my favorite fitness class. Text four of my friends to see if they are going to be there today.

10:05 Grab my phone and see a notification for three voicemails. Ignore the voicemails and update Facebook status, letting all of my friends who weren’t in class with me know that my fitness instructor just kicked my butt — and then ask who else already has their workout for the day done. Call my mom on the way home from class.

10:45 Check to see who has liked and commented on my Facebook status and which of my friends have worked out today.

11:00 Head into my office for focused work time. Grab 17 different colors of Sharpies to colorfully outline what my work time will look like.

Sushi Dinner Gen Y

1:07 p.m. Take a break for lunch. Pick up my phone and see a notification for four voicemails. Ignore the notification and respond to texts.

1:28 Back in the office. Check Facebook. Respond to texts. Get back to focused work.

5:17 Pick up phone and see notification for six voicemails. Ignore voicemails and text girlfriends to see what they’re doing that night. Call my sister and then my BFF.

7:15 Meet-up with friends for dinner. Take pictures of drinks and food and post to Facebook and Instagram.

7:35 Check to see who has liked the pictures of our food.

9:20 Get home and see notification for seven voicemails. Get irritated that I have to listen to them, but give in because they might be important. Play the voicemails, deleting each one before it’s finished (about five seconds into it — once I’ve figured out who the caller is and have a general idea of why they called). Text a response to some of the callers and make a note to call the others tomorrow.

To me, Gen Y is about living life on your own terms — each day having the ability to choose what that day will look like. Some may misinterpret this as selfishness or irresponsibility, (and certainly there is some of that in all generations) but I think it is more about people wanting to live life and live it well with none of the regrets we’ve seen from previous generations. To me, this is a courageous, connected, and creative generation.

Kate_Tracy_Me SR Gen Y


Life on our own terms means having the courage to redefine what has been before. Courage to be open. Courage to release industrial age mindsets and decide for ourselves what we want our work life to look like. Courage to keep it all in the balance of what we consider important in life. Courage to choose our own path … as long as we’re still connected to our friends, followers, and connections.


We like to be connected in a way that’s different from what’s been before. Connected quickly with brief, frequent messages. Connected broadly to many. Connected deeply with a select few. Connected to the information that resonates with who we want to be, what we want to do, and what we want to have. Connected to the bigger picture, as long as we can creatively define what our piece of the picture looks like.


Creativity exists for us both in how we express it and how we accept others’ expression of it. Creativity in looking for newer, fresher, and more clever ways to express ourselves. Creativity in seeking and building a life that feels significant. Creativity in creating a vibrant community to belong to that embodies an openness and acceptance of others’ differences. Creativity to actively design a life we love living.

Gen Yers actively seek to live freer, fuller lives. This makes USANA the perfect opportunity for Generation Now. What better vehicle is there for courageously creating our own reality while staying connected with amazing people and creatively designing a life we love living?

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