Personal Development: Disruption at its Best

I was fortunate to attend VideoPlus University recently. This two-day conference, hosted by VideoPlus (a network marketing industry partner who develops a variety of marketing, training, and personal development materials for direct sellers), is for network marketing corporate employees and executives.

The focus: not only business tips and tricks (USANA Chief Marketing Officer Doug Braun shared strategies for rebranding with the group), but also personal development.

I first attended last year and was blown away. In fact, I still revisit the notes I took referring back to certain information again and again. This year was no different.

Doug Braun - Personal Development - VideoPlus

USANA Chief Marketing Officer Doug Braun speaks at VideoPlus University. Photo by VideoPlus

Some Top Takeaways

Kerri Scarborough, VideoPlus’ senior strategic director of multimedia solutions, reminded us that personal development “is disruption at its best.”

Often, being challenged is what moves you forward, so make sure you try something out of your comfort zone every once in awhile.

Jeff Olson, founder/CEO, Nerium, recommended that we “try to consume 10 pages of personal development a day. Think of how much you will have read if you did that for even part of the year?”

Jeff is absolutely correct: we can all find time each day to learn something new and improve ourselves.

John Addison, chairman of Primerica Distribution/co-CEO of Primerica, believes that “we are not human beings, we are human becomings — what are you becoming?” He echoed what I mentioned in last month’s post: find your strengths and work on them.

John also asked us what we are excited about in life, and challenged us to write down 10 things and focus on those things. Again, I will be doing this. Will you join me?

John Maxwell needs no introduction, and as always, he was great. John reminded us that “Growth is not easy, it needs to be intentional. Growth is happiness.”

Well, I certainly cannot argue with that, although it does challenge me to read this.

My To Do List… Will You Join Me?

By next month’s post, I commit to reading 10 pages of personal development a day, writing down 10 things I am excited about, and finding ways to grow and be challenged. I will report back to you. What I want to know is…who is joining me?


Book Follow-Up: Crucial Conversations

Last month I mentioned I was starting to read this book, and I have. So far, so good. I am still in the first half of the book. I have learned that there are more crucial conversations than I would have recognized, and they have a greater impact on us than I realized. I am looking forward to learning more.

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