USANA欧洲版图大扩张 将开放四个新市场


Grand Opening of USANA China Facility: Inside the Building

It was a sunny day in Beijing. Ribbon cutting on the red carpet, loud blasting and red balloons in the air, everyone was smiling and clapping in front of a grand building with the logo of USANA. It was March 21, when USANA’s China subsidiary,…

Celebrate a Traditional Chinese New Year in 2017

Two celebrations mean twice the fun! You may have already celebrated The New Year on January 1st. Maybe it was a crazy celebration with millions of people in Time Square in New York. (It was a lifetime experience for me). I will be celebrating…


USANA通过其子公司——中国葆婴有限公司运营的北京新工厂,已经正式投产。为了帮您详细了解该项目背后的故事,我们邀请了该项目的主要负责人之一——USANA全球运营副总裁Bob Kupfer ,为华语读者解读关于新工厂的问题。参阅:USANA北京新工厂投产,揭开中国市场发展新序幕

USANA China Facility: Global Expansion

USANA Health Sciences currently operates in 20 markets throughout the world. USANA recently expanded even more by opening a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Beijing, China, through its subsidiary in mainland China, BabyCare, Ltd.…


2016年10月,USANA Health Sciences在中国北京的新工厂(葆婴有限公司新工厂)比预计时间提前两个月拿到了生产许可证,开始正式投产。目前,新工厂除了办公室外已经大致搬运完毕,预计在11月底,新工厂会全部投入生产,并将在2017年春节以后开放参观。