Supplement Spotlight: Proflavanol for Your Heart? Mais, oui!

Ah, France. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to visit Paris. It just seems like life in the city of lights would be so glamorous, considering their long tradition of producing great art, music, architecture, and food.

One thing is for sure — the French know how to enjoy life, complete with a leisurely meal and glass of wine. And as we all know now, it turns out that the wine-loving French were on to something…

Healthy Hearts

You know that eating lots of saturated fat is not so wonderful for your cardiovascular system. And this idea has proven true over and over, except in the case of the French. The French have a long, delicious tradition of eating rich foods made with cream and butter and cheese. So, you’d expect them to be keeling over left and right from clogged arteries.

But not so. In 1992, health data provided by the World Health Organization showed that, of the countries examined, the people of France had the healthiest hearts. Their excellent heart health despite consuming a lot of saturated fat has come to be known as the “French Paradox.”

One of the reasons researchers suspect that the French have defied expectation is because they have one of the highest consumptions of wine (averaging around 9 ounces per day). It turns out that the antioxidant polyphenols in red wine are vastly superior when it comes to promoting heart health. This is because they work to help protect LDL from oxidation even more than the more commonly known antioxidants, such as vitamins C or E, and they help support healthy blood flow through even the tiniest blood vessels. C’est magnifique, n’est-ce pas?

Proflavanol C100_US_MG_9684_SC4_pbh-LEssentially all of the flavonoids (a class of polyphenol) in the red grapes used to make wine come from the seeds. These flavonoids are called as proanthocyanidins. Scientists have been able to figure out how to extract the proanthocyanidins of grape seeds, so we can get the health benefits of red wine without all the alcohol.

Let’s Hear it for Proflavanol

In fact, Dr. John Cuomo, USANA’s executive director of research and development, helped develop the process our suppliers now use to deliver grape seed extract that is readily absorbable by the body. It’s the grape seed extract you will get with each and every tablet of Proflavanol C100 or Proflavanol C200.

Proflavanol C is one of USANA’s most popular, signature supplements. It may not help you look good in a beret, but it is awesome for your cardiovascular health, and it supports immune health and healthy-looking skin too.

In this video, USANA Director of Product Innovation Brian Dixon, Ph.D., explains a little more about this amazingly power-packed supplement. Do your friends a favor, help them discover how they can protect their heart health too by sharing this video with them (and please comment to let us know if you like the video).

Au revoir, mes amis!


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. DorothyGanther
    DorothyGanther says:

    Yes, I have often said that if I could not afford any other USANA product and had to choose, it would with out a doubt be Proflanol this is the certainly high on the list for building the immune system.
    I been taking this for over four years , no colds or flu. I am around the germs all the times, because I’m a teacher.

  2. Per
    Per says:

    Hi, can you kindly provide me a clinical research showing how Proflavanol C100 helps in decreasing blood pressure in hypertensive clients?

    I know I’ve read something about certain components of the Proflavanol C helping the walls of arteries tougher and thus made it favorable to hypertensive clients. But I just can’t find that source again.


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