USANA Influencer Insider: TV Show Creator Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes with USANA's Angie Larsen

Shonda Rhimes with USANA's Angie Larsen

Driving through Hollywood, the stars’ mansions shine in the warm Southern California sun — but none so brightly as that of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice” and “Scandal” creator, Shonda Rhimes.

The reason?

She is celebrating and welcoming newly adopted baby Emerson into her heart and home.

The TV superforce’s already-beautiful backyard is adorned with pink and white flowers, ribbon and congratulatory banners. The lavish buffet is the perfect combination of healthy and delicious. The congratulatory gifts are pouring in.

Ms. Rhimes makes the rounds in her usual cheerful, delightful, genuine manner. Her brilliance and soulful reflection radiate.

She stops to chat with me about her family’s health. Good nutrition and proper supplementation are crucial for this busy mom and television superwoman.

USANA showers her with a customized MyHealthPak, Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme, BiOmega and plenty of Usanimals for her cute kids. She is grateful and excited to try it all.

Many of Rhimes’s celebrity guests are thrilled to learn more about USANA’s health and nutrition.

Chandra Wilson, who stars on 'Grey's Anatomy,' is excited to try out USANA's Health Assessment & Advisor

Chandra Wilson, who stars on 'Grey's Anatomy,' is excited to try out USANA's Health Assessment & Advisor. Check it out for yourself at

The uber-talented Chandra Wilson, who plays Miranda Bailey on the megahit ABC show “Grey’s Anatomy,” is currently taking USANA’s Health Assessment & Advisor for her own MyHealthPak.

'Grey's Anatomy' star Sarah Drew checks out USANA's Summer Pak

'Grey's Anatomy' star Sarah Drew checks out USANA's Summer Pak

She leaves the party with a supply of Peanut Butter Crunch Nutrition Bars, Probiotic, Sensé Lip Balm and a Sensé Facial Care sample pack — grateful to USANA as well for the BodyRoxand Usanimals. “My kids will love those vitamins! Thank you!” she exclaims.

USANA favorite Sarah Drew, who plays Dr. April Kepner on “Grey’s Anatomy” brings by her brand new, beautiful baby boy. He is darling, just like his mom.

Drew looks fantastic and gives USANA a big thumbs up. “I’ve been taking my USANA everyday. I love my Chocolate Nutrimeal!” she declares.

Newcomer to the Shonda Rhimes world is Darby Stanchfield, who plays Abby Whelan on the recently premiered ABC hit series “Scandal.” She seeks out USANA right off the bat.

Darby Stanchfield of ABC's 'Scandal' learns more about USANA

Darby Stanchfield of ABC's 'Scandal' learns more about USANA

“I am so into health products. USANA’s Digestive Enzyme will be perfect when I hit the red carpet,” Stanchfield states.

She is looking forward to trying the Probiotic, BiOmega, and taking the Health Assessment for her own MyHealthPak.

“Grey’s Anatomy’s” McSteamy, Eric Dane, his stunning wife Rebecca Gayheart and their two gorgeous little girls also leave the shower with an armful of USANA products: Digestive Enzyme, HeathPak, BiOmega, Probiotic, Strawberry Nutrimeal, and Usanimals.

“We are fans of the brand,” says the celebrity couple.

Commitment to children’s health and nutrition is something these Hollywood hotshots and USANA share. Just like us, these star-powered parents want what’s best for their kids.

That is one reason USANA recently launched the “United for Youth” campaign. It’s a program celebrities and everyday folks can take part in. We all have a big role to play in our children’s good health.

Congratulations to Shonda Rhimes as she embarks on her newest journey of family health and happiness.

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