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#USANAIgnited Instagram Photo Contest Extinguished!

Two weeks ago we lit the torch on what proved to be a quick — but intense — blaze. The #USANAIgnited Instagram contest heated up just as temperatures started to climb. Hundreds of pictures were tagged #USANAIgnited, proving that USANA fans all over the world are fired up for what’s sure to be the best […]

Get Fired Up! #USANAIgnited Photo Contest

Questions for you… Do you want to be famous? Are you ready for the 2014 USANA International Convention? Are you living USANA United and Ignited? Really? Prove it! One final question: How would you like the chance to appear in the pages of USANA’s award-winning Influencer Magazine? All you have to do is show us […]

USANA Hits Hole in One ‘FORE’ Community

Record $10,000 Raised in Annual Community Golf Tournament Eagle Effort Between the tutus and tough teams, USANA’s annual golf tournament — Swings for Kennedy Jr. High — was a record-setting success. Community is one of USANA Health Sciences’ four core values. The global nutrition company, which is based in in West Valley City, Utah, recognizes […]

The Best Mother’s Day Gift: No More Guilt

Flowers, dinner, even a trip to the spa. These are all mighty popular gifts when it comes to Mother’s Day. But as a single, working mother of two, what I want isn’t so tangible; I desire something far more elusive. As a mom, I want a life free of guilt and full of love. Recently basketball […]

Strangers RESET a Lifelong Friendship

Getting fit and healthy is not an easy task. That’s why so many of us enroll a buddy to cheer us on, keep us accountable and share the struggle. But when two complete strangers on opposite sides of the country couldn’t find a buddy to take on the USANA 90-Day RESET Weight-loss Challenge: Destination Transformation, […]

The Ozsome Dr. Oz Visits USANA HQ

“Good Morning, USANA. How may I direct your call?” The person who phoned into USANA’s corporate headquarters at 8:45 a.m. March 8 probably had no idea the special guest receptionist on the other end was none other than Dr. Mehmet Oz, world-renowned cardiovascular surgeon and two-time Daytime Emmy-award winning talk show host of the two-time […]