The Ozsome Dr. Oz Visits USANA HQ

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“Good Morning, USANA. How may I direct your call?”

Dr. Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz

The person who phoned into USANA’s corporate headquarters at 8:45 a.m. March 8 probably had no idea the special guest receptionist on the other end was none other than Dr. Mehmet Oz, world-renowned cardiovascular surgeon and two-time Daytime Emmy-award winning talk show host of the two-time Daytime Emmy-Award winning The Dr. Oz Show.

But Dr. Oz is like that. Playful and spontaneous. Full of energy, fun and charm. He answered the phone because it was simply something unexpected for him to do.

Dr. Oz visited USANA’s corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City on behalf of his charitable foundation HealthCorps. He came to personally thank USANA and the True Health Foundation for all the support they have given to HealthCorps. He also came to tour the magnificent manufacturing facilities.

“I’ve never been to a nutritional supplement manufacturing facility in my life,” Dr. Oz said. “I’ve certainly talked about pills in many different forms for the majority of my life, so it was a wonderful, in fact, life-changing experience to see how it’s done and how it’s done properly.”

Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz inspects USANA manufacturing equipment.

Donning a hair net, shoe covers, scrubs and a personalized lab coat, Dr. Oz enthusiastically and inquisitively toured the heart of USANA’s manufacturing areas.

Intrigued by what he saw, he asked many questions and seemed delighted with the answers. He stopped to take pictures and talk to the hard-working scientists and plant workers behind the scenes. Dr. Oz was the ultimate VIP, making everyone feel important.

During his visit, he saw USANA’s wellness program in full swing. With a cross-fit class in session and a crowded weight room, Dr. Oz discovered USANA really does practice what it preaches.

Next, Dr. Oz and USANA CEO Dave Wentz served as honorary judges for the USANA Associate Recipe Contest. Dr. Oz enjoyed the winning recipe so much, he asked for a personal copy and all the leftovers to be packed up and sent home with him.

Dr. Oz recorded several thank you messages for USANA’s global family and even participated in a live Skype interview with Kevin Guest, USANA’s president of the Americas, Europe and South Pacific, on stage at the Montreal XRC.

As he departed through a lobby packed with nearly 600 cheering employees, Dr. Oz took a moment to once again show his gratitude for USANA and the True Health Foundation on behalf of HealthCorps.

“I want to applaud you,” Dr. Oz said. “It comes back to the reality that how you do anything is how you do everything. And every single thing that I saw you do today was fantastic, which is why USANA as a company is where it is. And that’s why I take pride in the relationship that our team at HealthCorps has with USANA and the True Health Foundation.”

And USANA thanks you, Dr. Oz, for taking time out of your very busy schedule to visit the team in Salt Lake City.


*Photos by Ben Pieper and Raji Barbir. Copyright © 2013 USANA Health Sciences

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  1. Allison Knaup
    Allison Knaup says:

    It stood out for me that he had never visited a manufacturing facility…how true this is across the medical profession, and I question whether that would make a difference to them as it has for so many physicians in USANA. Glad to see the continued involvement. Seems as we learn from Dr. Oz, he is also learning from the USANA family too!


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