USANA13: Building a Lasting Legacy

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At USANA, we continue to strive to make things better — better science, better products, better business, better world. That’s because we don’t settle. Continuous improvement is what drives us.

Dave WentzIt’s because of this attitude that USANA is known for continual growth, record-setting sales, and having great, top-quality nutritional products. In addition, we’re known as one of the highest-paying direct selling companies out there.

At the 2013 International Convention, we decided to make the business even better. We enhanced how USANA works. We transformed the way our Associates save, earn, and get recognized:

  • Our lowest price (formerly known as Autoship pricing) is the only price there is. That’s right, only one price — the Preferred Price.
  • Your newly enrolled team members can now earn a 10% reward on their initial product order.
  • On your Auto Order (previously known as Autoship), you will save 10% on your products.
  • We’ve simplified the way you’ll rank advance.
  • We’ve lowered the commission point minimum, so now your new Associates will earn their first commission checks even faster.
  • Now you can earn 25% more on a maxed Business Center by building a legacy business of lifetime customers on Auto Order.

Log onto for complete details.

USANA’s compensation plan enhancements will transform the way you do business. They’ll help you and your teammates be more successful than ever before. They’ll help you build a stronger, more stable network of Associates and Preferred Customers. They’ll help you get the rewards you deserve for all your hard work.

But most importantly, these enhancements will help you love life and live it, your way. And that’s a legacy you should be proud to pass on to your family and friends.

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Dave Wentz

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About the Author: As USANA’s CEO, Dave Wentz directs and maintains the vision and integrity of USANA as it continues to grow. He manages the company’s executive team, works closely with the board of directors, and oversees the corporate governance required of a publicly traded company. .


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