USANA Active Calcium Has Two Micronutrients Everyone Needs More Of

Woman Trail Running with DogWhether your diet is paleo, vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean, fruitarian, or none of the above (or if you’re like me and find it very hard to eat any particular way for longer than ½ a day), chances are good that you aren’t getting enough of key micronutrients.

An article based on NHANES data that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in July 2014 noted that even vegetarians (who are usually some of the healthiest eaters out there) fell short on vitamins B-12 and zinc.

The study also found that everyone, regardless of diet, was short on vitamins A, C, and E.

Two other key micronutrients everyone needs more of?

Calcium and magnesium.

So if you’re already taking your USANA Essentials, and especially if you don’t eat dairy products, calcium fortified foods, or nuts, you just might want to consider adding Active Calcium™ to the mix.

I know what you’re thinking: “If I’m already taking the Essentials, shouldn’t that be giving me all of the foundational supplements that I really need?”

The short answer: no, not necessarily.

The problem with calcium and magnesium, as raw ingredients, is that they take up a lot of space.Active-Calcium-Feature1

So, it’s really tough to get enough into a multimineral product. (And the chances of you getting any useful amounts from a one-a-day type supplement from your local health food store are pretty slim.)

This is why a separate calcium/magnesium supplement is often needed (especially if you’re female) in addition to a multi: so you can get your daily requirements.

How Much Do I Need?

For most people, aim for around 1200 mg of calcium every day (from food and supplement sources), and between at least 310 and 420 mg of magnesium per day for women and men, respectively.

Tip: Don’t take all the supplements at once. Rather, spread them out throughout the day to help keep your belly feeling happy.

Why Do I Need Calcium & Magnesium?

Calcium and magnesium are critical for maintaining healthy bone mass.

We need a steady supply of the nutrients to meet the needs of our bones, which are constantly remodeling themselves.

USANA Active Calcium delivers a superior blend for bone health, with advanced amounts of calcium, magnesium, plus vitamin K, and vitamin D.

You can read more about why USANA’s Active Calcium is great for bone health here.

Magnesium – Your New Mineral Superstar

An emerging superstar in the nutrition world is magnesium. It’s a good thing, too, because the majority of people really just do not get enough from their diets.

Active Calcium delivers 400 mg of magnesium in a daily dose.

So, why is magnesium so cool?

Well, magnesium has a wide range of benefits. It plays a role in hundreds of enzyme systems in the body. I won’t bog you down too much in the details, you can click on the links for more, but just in the last couple of years research has been published, concluding that magnesium is super important for a number of things:

  • Magnesium has long been known help support heart health, which was demonstrated yet again in a study that found a diet rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium has been associated with good cardiovascular effects in men.
  • Magnesium intake is associated with maintaining healthy glucose metabolism, provided the levels are healthy to begin with.
  • A study found that dietary magnesium intake is inversely associated with serum C-reactive protein levels.
  • A review of research observed that magnesium “plays an important physiological role particularly in the brain, heart, and skeletal muscles,” as well as offering many other supportive benefits.
  • An observational study reports that dietary intakes of antioxidants and magnesium may be associated with maintaining good hearing. (However more research is needed to confirm this finding.)
  • Likely due to its benefits not only for bone health but also muscle health: a study showed that daily magnesium oxide supplementation for 12 weeks seems to support improved physical performance in healthy elderly women.
Magnesium supplementation can help support physical performance in healthy senior women.

Magnesium supplementation can help support physical performance in healthy senior women. Girl power!

Obviously, there are a multitude of reasons you may want to consider increasing your magnesium intake.

With USANA’s Active Calcium in addition to Chelated Mineral, you’ve got your daily recommendation covered.

I don’t know about you, but I want to ensure I’m getting what I need to help maintain my good health, every day.

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