USANA’s Visionex: Great Vision Today and in the Future

Have a clear view no matter what the light conditions are by making sure you get ample amounts of sight-supporting nutrients in Visionex

Do you drive at night or play sports outside? Do you ever read in bed or write at your desk with just a little light? Do you work at a computer or go out in the sun during the day? If you answered no to all of these questions, I’m gonna call you out and say that you’re fibbing… either that or you need to try and get out more.

For everyone else, though, the thing that all of these activities have in common is that dietary lutein and zeaxanthin can help keep your eyes strong for all of them.

Lutein and zeaxanthin can be found, of course, in USANA’s Visionex®.

No More Worries About Sun or Headlights Shining in Your Eyes

If, while driving, you’ve ever found yourself with temporarily fuzzy vision after an oncoming car’s headlights or the sun has shone in your eyes, you understand how glare can affect you.

Have a clear view no matter what the light conditions are by making sure you get ample amounts of sight-supporting nutrients in Visionex

Have a clear view by making sure you get ample amounts of sight-supporting nutrients in Visionex.

Individuals with higher Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD) levels have a higher tolerance for glaring light and can recover more quickly. A 2008 study showed that when people consumed 10 mg lutein and 2 mg of zeaxanthin — the same ingredients used in Visionex — for six months, they increased their MPOD levels by as much as 50% and were able to tolerate 58% more intense glaring light.

Research has also shown shortened glare recovery times. Having stars in your eyes is nice, figuratively speaking, but not so nice in reality. Visionex’s power-packed ingredients can help you stay focused, even in the spotlight.

See Clearly, Even in Low-Light Conditions

Not only can the ingredients in Visionex help with vision in glaring light, they can also help when there isn’t enough light. Under low light, the rod signals in the eye’s photoreceptors can blur, causing poor vision.

Plus, transmission of blue light to the retina causes light to scatter, which also can result in blurry vision. Another benefit of increased MPOD levels is improved contrast acuity in dim light by reducing the blurring (in other words, you can see more sharply).

And the macular pigment selectively absorbs blue light, reducing blue light transmission to the retina and, thereby, improving image quality.

Have a clear view no matter what the light conditions are by making sure you get ample amounts of sight-supporting nutrients in Visionex.

Protect Your Sight from Bright Light

Our friend the sun shines a full spectrum of colorful light on us. Our eyes are especially sensitive to blue light, which can damage the retina. Blue light also often comes from indoor work light sources — like a computer.

Yellow macular pigment is the secret to defending our eyes from blue light. The yellow pigment comes from lutein and zeaxanthin. Increase the yellow macular pigment in your eyes to defend them against damaging blue light with Visionex, and you can envision a future with healthy eyes.

Director of Product Development Mark Brown, Ph.D., explains the benefits of Visionex in this short video. Check it out!


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9 replies
  1. shaunkwong
    shaunkwong says:

    I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
    I can see all obstacles in my way
    Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
    It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
    Sun-Shiny day.

    • Ken
      Ken says:

      Hello Shaunkwong,

      Do you have dark spots and shadows before on your vision field?

      How many visonex tablet you take every day? How many weeks did you notice those darks clouds already gone?

      I really need your reply.

      Can I touch base with you personally as well?


    • Sarah Flinn
      Sarah Flinn says:

      Hi Albert! Thanks for your question. Visionex is not formulated or intended for use in children and it would not be expected to treat any of the more common vision problems found in children (far/near sighted, astigmatism, glaucoma, conjunctivitis). The Visionex formula is based on a number of research studies, and is formulated to help maintain eye health in adults. As such, there is typically no good reason for a child to use this product. Any exceptions to this should come as a recommendation from a physician or other healthcare provider. Hope this answers your question!

  2. Jean mair
    Jean mair says:

    I have Wet Macular and was wondering if it is safe to take Visionex.
    I have needles every 8 weeks to control the Wet Macular


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