Supplement Spotlight: Digestive Enzyme Keeps Things Comfortable

Written by on February 4, 2014 in Supplement Spotlight, USANA with 6 Comments

You ate too much.Indigestion

You changed your diet.

That ice cream didn’t agree with you.

Who thought that a greasy cheeseburger was a good idea?

There are all kinds of situations that can turn uncomfortable if your digestive system isn’t working as efficiently as you’d like it to. And nothing will ruin a business meeting, date, vacation day — you name it — like the common gut ache.

Fortunately, USANA has a solution to the occasional upset stomach: Digestive Enzyme. And it’s back in stock in the United States, as of today, with a new look and the same great benefits (other markets will roll out over the next several months).

What’s New? Now With Artichoke Extract!Digestive Enzyme

We replaced the spirulina in the previous formula with artichoke extract. The result is a tablet that is now off-white instead of green, along with additional support for avoiding “uncomfortable situations.” Some people have a tough time digesting fats, and as a result, can suffer from an occasional bout of tummy ache. The artichoke extract complements the enzymes in Digestive Enzyme to help alleviate stomach complaints by supporting digestion of fats.

Digestive EnzymeWhat’s Not? Excellent Enzyme Support for Your Digestion.

Digestive Enzyme still contains a broad range of enzymes that will help you digest various types of foods, including lactase, which assists in the digestion of foods containing lactose and can help with mild symptoms of lactose intolerance.

By supplementing the enzymes that are naturally produced in your body, your digestive system works efficiently to ensure that you are able to get all of the nutrients out of your food. And, by helping your body digest all of these things efficiently, it can help alleviate that sense of over-fullness that can happen if you overindulge (NEVER happens, right?).

So, if you are heading out to an all-you-can-eat gutbuster or a meal with an important client or new sweetheart and you want to do whatever you can to avoid any uncomfortable situations, just take one to three Digestive Enzyme tablets before your meal. And maybe still skip the five-alarm bean fiesta this time… just to be safe!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Camille Fletcher

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About the Author: Camille is a USANA senior marketing manager. She oversees USANA's line of Nutritionals. .


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6 Reader Comments

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  1. Tim Haran Tim Haran says:

    I’m sure many folks are excited that Digestive Enzyme is once again available in the U.S. Thanks for the update, Camille, and for the information about the new component — artichoke extract.

  2. Beth Querner says:

    So glad the Digestive Enzyme is back! I tested the new formula out yesterday – had some food that usually causes “uncomfortable situations”, but no problems! Thanks, USANA, and thanks Camille for the great info!

  3. Camille Fletcher Camille Fletcher says:

    Thanks Beth. Glad you found the information helpful. And that the product is working well for you.

  4. SIMON says:

    Are these and probiotics sachets ever going to be available to the UK shame they are not included as very important to health please advise if any update kind
    regards Simon

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