USANA Influencer Insider: Grey’s Anatomy Star Sarah Drew

Sarah Drew enjoying a Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal shake

Friends and family call to congratulate her on making Chief Resident at Seattle Grace. But that would be Sarah Drew’s character, Dr. April Kepner, on the hit ABC Series, “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Drew, however, has something much bigger to celebrate.

She and her husband of almost 10 years, Peter Lanfer, are getting ready to welcome their first child into the world … any day now. They also are doing it the old fashioned way, choosing not to know ahead of time if it’s a baby girl or boy. But she’s ready to find out.

The nursery is painted in light, light blue; accentuated with wooden furniture and navy décor. The hospital bag is packed. All the trips to the baby stores are complete. The beautifully understated California home is stocked for baby and mom.

USANA in the Home

Included in those essential items for mom is USANA. Drew’s favorite product is the Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal.

“I just put it in my USANA shaker, coolest thing ever, and there’s breakfast,” she says. “It’s so easy and delicious.”

Before getting pregnant, Drew says she was pretty good about laying off the sweets. However during this last month of her pregnancy, she admits, sugar is her archrival. She swears USANA’s Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal helps her curb those naughty cravings.

USANA’s Proflavanol® C100 also has come in handy during her pregnancy. She’s trusted the product, which utilizes USANA’s Nutritional Hybrid Technology, to help support her immune system.

Once the baby is born, Drew is looking forward to using USANA’s Essentials™ and Probiotic.

Supplements are one more weapon in this celebrity mom’s health arsenal. Since she plays a doctor — Chief Resident, no less — on TV, it’s especially important for Drew to stay healthy and strong as she tackles being a mom and acting full-time.

Sarah Drew and friends lovin' on USANA

The Love for Acting

In addition to motherhood, Drew says acting is the only thing she has ever wanted to do. She got her big break playing the role of Hannah Rogers in “Everwood.” Since then she has done dozens of television shows and films.

Drew joined the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy” in September of 2009, giving credit to her Fairy Godmother, the show’s creator Shonda Rhimes. Drew was originally cast in another Rhimes pilot. But when that show did not get picked up, Rhimes wrote the “Grey’s Anatomy” character of Dr. April Kepner for Drew.

“Shonda Rhimes and Executive Producer, Betsy Beers, are the most incredible bosses ever!” Drew exclaims.

Speaking of those bosses, when Drew became pregnant, there was some debate on whether to write it into the show, or hide it like they did for the three previous “Grey’s Anatomy” actresses in the same situation. Including the pregnancy in the plot posed a problem because Dr. Kepner is a virgin. The show’s producers decided a possible future love story for Dr. Kepner was more important than a tawdry encounter.

Drew says the directors are genius at hiding the change in outward appearance. She explains, “We had to get really creative to hide my growing belly. It helps when your costume is scrubs and a lab coat. They shot me behind desks and gurneys and I was always attached to a chart. And much of the show is shot in close up anyway.”

Living the Character

The mom-to-be plans to labor right up until the time she goes into, well, labor. Drew is shooting several light-duty scenes in advance. Her character won’t be written out of the show for maternity leave, unlike “Grey’s Anatomy” colleague Jessica Capshaw, who’s character Dr. Arizona Robbins went to Africa. Drew’s off-screen delivery will not impact her character or the show’s story line.

In Drew’s personal story line, art has a tendency to imitate life.

Drew’s “Grey’s Anatomy” character is often teased on the show for her high-pitched voice and Suzy Sunshine demeanor. It brings her back to a time in her own life when kids were cruel and made fun of the way she talked. She started to wonder why the “Grey’s Anatomy” writers kept bringing her voice into the plot, but then realized, “This is about the character, not you. This characteristic is serving the story and it has actually led to some very tender moments on Grey’s.”

But Drew’s voice speaks volumes. She has a very successful acting career. She also records books on tape.

When you listen to Candace Bushnell’s “The Carrie Diaries” or Lauren Oliver’s “Delirium” series, that’s Drew’s charming, delightful voice you’re hearing.

Sarah Drew is living her dream with a vibrant career and baby on the way. But she has insecurities and fears, just like everyone else.

She states that her father gave her the best advice for living well.

“He encouraged me to be aggressively grateful,” she says. “When I was dealing with fears about parenthood, he told me to wake up each day and practice aggressive thanksgiving. As soon as it becomes habit, your are released from anxiety and fear and you have tremendous freedom.”

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