Ask the CEO: Where Will USANA Open Next, and Why?

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USANA Paris trip

On March 26, 2012, USANA France and Belgium officially opened.

Question: Where will USANA open next, and why?

Answer: I definitely share your enthusiasm for spreading USANA’s products and opportunity throughout the world. It’s an exciting venture to open USANA in a new market, but a lot of thought and planning has to happen first. It’s not an easy decision to make, and it’s not one USANA takes lightly.

It takes months of research, decision-making, reports, cutting through red tape, and more to open in a certain market. Is the country right for USANA? Is USANA right for the country? What about our Associates — do we have enough leaders with language skills, connections and interest in opening the country? These are all questions we have to ask ourselves every time we look at a new market for USANA.

Here are just some of the considerations USANA has to make when opening a new market:

Legality — Can USANA operate in this new market based on that country’s legal, regulatory, and customs restrictions? Some countries have strict laws for network marketing companies, and sometimes it’s just not possible for USANA to thrive while still operating within the restrictions set forth by certain governments.

Interest — Will people in a new market be interested in network marketing or USANA? Some countries’ people have more interest in nutritional supplements than others, the allocation of disposable income needs to be considered, and USANA must evaluate the overall desire to own and run a home based business.

Culture — Some cultures have a hard time viewing network marketing as a viable business opportunity, making it harder for Associates to build thriving businesses. We also take into account the political climate of a country before entering and how that will affect our business builders.

Associate Connections — One of the most important factors when opening a new market are our Associate connections. Do our Associates have meaningful connections in these new markets and are they willing to commit to building there? This is a huge factor in opening a new market. You can open in one of the largest markets in the world, but if Associates aren’t committed to building there, USANA will be unable to thrive.

As you can see, there are many factors when opening a new market. It takes time, resources, and a commitment from our Associates to really succeed. USANA has been very successful in launching our business in 17 international markets, and we plan to continue to grow and spread the message of true health and true wealth around the world.

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  1. Michelle Ward-Kantor
    Michelle Ward-Kantor says:

    As scientists know, peer-reviewed studies and those that make it into peer-reviewed journals are the most credible. Can you list any studies you have done that have been peer-reviewed and/or been published in peer-reviewed journals?

  2. Dave Steinhaus
    Dave Steinhaus says:

    As a second generation Greek I have family and friends in Greece. One friend is a recently retired VP and author who has a huge sphere of influence nationwide. my family there is quite industrious and my Great Grandfather was a Doctor in Southern Greece.This country as part of the EU is in great need of financial alternatives and has a history in the foundations of medicine. We also have other USANA Associates of Greek origin who are crossline. Has this country been taken into consideration?

  3. Niki
    Niki says:

    I second Dave’s suggestion. Greeks are very health conscious and as a Greek that was born and raised there, I am willing to assist in cutting through the red tape needed to facilitate our opening there. My whole family lives there and our family background is that of industry. The largest flour mills of the Balkans, St. George, were owned by immediate and extended family for well over one hundred years. So you need not worry about getting it going. If the Philippines could do it, why not Greece? I am passionate about USANA! My passport is ready. Just say the word! Thank you for your consideration.

  4. Keith
    Keith says:

    I hope the UAE and the Middle East is being considered. There are many Direct Sales companies in that area already doing very well. A large population of ex-patriots, guest workers etc… are already familiar with USANA products from family and friends in their home countries. These are people who have disposable incomes. The type of people who are looking for a better way of life and willing to make sacrifices to achieve it.

  5. Binazir Lumas-i
    Binazir Lumas-i says:

    Pls. open soon in Dubai. Your quality products are badly needed here, with all the stress and lifestyle people have here. Looking forward to a USANA office in Dubai.

  6. Soumyendu
    Soumyendu says:

    I am interested to be your associate in India; but in the country selection page, India does n’t appear.What’s the solution?
    if I select some other country like Singapore, can I get service?

    • aris estrada
      aris estrada says:

      hi my name is aris estrada from Usana Philippines. pm me you email address and contact number. as soon as i got information about usana opening in india i will notify you immediately. here is our group here in manila. good day.

  7. joseph
    joseph says:

    i am am member of usana in the Philippines and currently working in Kuwait. I have kuwaiti sponsors who wanted to bring the business here. They are really excited about how to bring the business here. There are also existing direct selling companies here. I hope u can reply on the things we need to know to do the business.

  8. Anabella
    Anabella says:


    I have a lot of family in Panama. They have came to visit us and they have tried the USANA products. The result? They love it. Thus, they are always asking for when USANA will be available in Panama. With an economy ranked in the top places in the continent algong with a PIB that is bigger than other countries such us Mexico and Brasil it is a great opportunity lying there for USANA. Just say when, and we will start creating a huge network.


  9. rose
    rose says:


  10. Eva
    Eva says:

    i already member in usana from Australia and working here in Israel i hope you will open office here as soon as possible all produucts good

  11. Anton
    Anton says:

    Hi I’m a member of USANA in the Philippines and am currently working in Dubai. We have a lot of associates and customers who are using USANA here in the UAE, but we are having a hard time to supply them of their needs as we are getting all the products from the Philippines.

    You know very well that when USANA started in the Philippines, it didn’t take much time for it to GROW! What more if you Open here in Dubai. The fastest growing City in the WORLD. Dubai has the WORLD’S MOST (“AMAZING”). And without a doubt if USANA will open here, you will find the word MOST in USANA as well. Hundreds of people of different countries live and work here for a reason. People come here to work, work, work to achieve their dreams and WE truly believe that with the help of USANA, those dreams will be easier to accomplish.

    People in Dubai neeeeeeeeeeeed USANA. As we are living a life here full of Free-Radicals. We need USANA for a brighter future. Please, WE really need your SUPPORT!

  12. abner
    abner says:

    I agree the above request regarding putting up of USANA center here in middleeast especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it would be a great opportunity for those people who wanted to be healthy at the same time starting their own business, like me, but the product need to be registered to avoid any delay of supply or problem from the airport or customs. We begging from USANA management to start the business here in Abu dhabi (capital of UAE).

  13. Jhun
    Jhun says:

    Hi I am a member of USANA in the Philippines and I am currently working in Qatar. Please help to open the USANA in Qatar.

  14. Bello
    Bello says:

    Pls, we need usana to open market in Nigeria due large market population we had i nigeria and also believe in network marketing… Nigeria is the best place for usana to operate…. We need your products…we are waiting for you in Nigeria the giant in Africa’s.

  15. Bello
    Bello says:

    We really need usana to open market in Nigeria due to large population we had in nigeria. Nigeria is over 166.2 millions in population, Nigeria is a country who so much believed in network marketing (MLM). We have millions of graduate (literate) who are ready to be associate of usana here in Nigeria.. Nigeria is better place for usana to live! I have made a reseached myself and i know usana products is the best which really needed in Nigeria, moreover, Nigeria is the giant in Africa’s… The country’s market regulations, policy complex, banking etc.. Are very moderate for usana to operate. You can send your expert to make a reseach…in Nigeria. Thank you! And may God bless USANA Health science, God bless Nigeria!

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