USANA RESET Challenge: Congratulations to the Winners!

RESET+button2Congratulations to all our amazing USANA RESET Challenge: Destination Transformation participants. More than 3,000 people competed and together we lost more than 17,600 pounds! What an amazing accomplishment!

I found that many of our participants are new associates, like Laura Willis who had this to say: “The Reset transformation contest gave me courage as a new associate to speak to many people about USANA because I felt confident and had been successful with this program. I knew that they would feel the difference in a matter of only five days.”

I know that for many of you reaching your weight loss goal did not come easy. Achieving an ideal weight takes sincere dedication and some help along the way. I hope that by participating in these types of USANA challenges, you find the motivation and help you need to be successful.

Without further ado here are our winners:

Jerome Amarasighe

Jerome Amarasighe

Top Weight Loss

  1. Dennis Smith
  2. Richard Lutze
  3. Stephane Cote
  4. Shirley Hoppner
  5. Paul Reynolds

Top Female Weight Loss (percentage)

  1. Jocelyne Hullen
  2. Tammy Blank
  3. Tami Lyn Forth
  4. Vanubia Siller
  5. Wendy Wegener
Venubia Siller

Venubia Siller

Top Male Weight Loss (percentage)

  1. Michael Skelton
  2. William Curry
  3. Joseph VanDerVelden
  4. Brian Baird
  5. Christopher Lampe

Top Couple Weight Loss (percentage)

  • Amy Pederson & Robert Moore
  • Nicole & Patrick Folger
  • Casey & Greg Moore
  • Jocelyn Adamczyk & Ryan Treiber
  • Louise Blondeau & Caroline Bergeron
Christopher Lampe

Christopher Lampe

Top Essay

  1. Vince Prebanda
  2. Laura Willis
  3. Gary Enninga
  4. Jacqueline Zwambag
  5. Mary Ann Owens

Australia/New Zealand Winners

  1. Jerome Amarasighe
  2. Renuka Keenawinna
  3. Lisa Joe

Check out the blog posts relating to the RESET Challenge, and take a look at these videos.

Here is our Chief Communications Officer, Dan Macuga, with a special message to all our RESET participants.


If you’re unable to view the video, please visit the USANA YouTube channel

RESET Winners Receive a Trip to Sanoviv

RESET Challenge: Destination Transformation winners won a trip to Sanoviv Medical Institute.

RESET Challenge: Destination Transformation winners won a trip to Sanoviv Medical Institute.

Congratulations to our winners! Each has won a trip to Sanoviv Medical Institute where they’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery of Rosarito, Mexico, and customized treatments from the incredible Sanoviv staff.

They’ll also receive a $200 shopping spree, a makeover, and a professional photography session — not to mention special health and wellness trainings during their stay at Sanoviv.

Our USANA Family is an extraordinary one whose heart and dedication to healthy living never ceases to amaze me. Everyone who participated should be very proud!

While the contest is officially over, I hope the momentum will continue. I encourage you to host your own RESET Challenge in your neck of the woods with your team, friends and family.

It’s a great time of year to kick your exercise up a notch and get ready for swim season. Utilize all our RESET tools and you might even consider offering prizes as an added incentive.

I know that I personally have a long way to go to reach my goal, and I’m going to count on all my new friends from RESET Nation to help get me there! Big thanks to all our participants!
*Individual results may vary. RESET weight-management system lowers your daily caloric intake and recommends moderate exercise for best results. Average results are 4.5 lbs. in five days.

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  1. Nanette
    Nanette says:

    I m so greatful to those who won and better served all the efforts that you have done. Congratulations and wish you all the best. Im pround of the products and it help me a lot on my health capacity and Thank you Dr. Myron Wentz

  2. Denise webb
    Denise webb says:

    @Rosa, my colleague Alberto, can speak with you or email to you in Spanish. Let us know, you can ‘friend’ me or Personal Message me on FB. Yay! for the weight loss by all!


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