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RESET Nation Challenge – Almost There!

We have a little over 3 weeks left before our 3rd annual RESET Challenge comes to an end, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to report some amazing numbers so far!! Our #RESETNATION is definitely growing. We’ve had almost 2,500 people from around the world opt-in to the challenge. And we have lost a combined […]

Staying on Track with #RESETNATION

If anyone understands how difficult it is to lose and maintain weight, it’s me. I’ve been through ups and downs my entire life and always seem to struggle when it comes to staying on track. So I’ve put together my top 8 tips on how to be successful during your transformation with RESET.* Tip #1 […]


What Exactly is Clean Eating?

Clean Eating. What exactly does that mean? If you think “clean eating” is a fad, a trendy topic that will eventually fade away—think again. Mindful eating and choosing foods with caution is a growing trend with no intentions of slowing down. In its simplest form, clean eating means choosing foods that are minimally processed, meaning […]

USANA RESET: The Best Just Got Customized!

I work for a pretty amazing company. Let’s face it. USANA makes the world’s best supplements and gives you everything you need to create a better, happier life — your way. Well, the best just got better. USANA’s RESET kit is designed to help you lose those first few pounds — fast. Many have had […]

5 Tips to Keep the Weight Off

Well, the 2014 RESET Challenge: Destination Transformation has ended. But that doesn’t mean our journey toward health will take a hiatus. We pulled together, worked hard, and collectively lost over 15,000 pounds! So how do we keep the weight off and not fall back into old habits? Just follow these 5 simple steps and you’re […]

And Now, Your 2014 RESET Challenge Winners!

First off, I have to say congratulations to all our dedicated, hard-working USANA RESET Challenge: Destination Transformation participants. Nearly 3,000 people competed and together we lost more than 15,000 pounds! Another successful, life-changing experience for many! Ashleigh Travers, a winner in the Partners category, explained: “With my husband Derek’s support … I stand here proud […]